Duane E. Johnson Distinguished Award
2016 Recipient - Gail Carpenter-Johnson

When I look around this room and see the legends of the Nebraska band world, I think about how these people may have begun their journey of being a master band director and an inspiration to their students, school community, and fellow band colleagues. A special someone made a difference in their lives as they began this journey to impact music education as a band director.

We have in our midst one of these special someones that has made a difference….that being Gail Carpenter-Johnson. Gail has been the leader with our NSBA organization in making our “Boot Camp” for new band directors a “must attend” event in the summer time. The success of this event is due to Gail’s exceptional organizational skills, her connections with master teachers who have presented and participated in her “boot camp” panels, and her amazing abilities and resources to provide the answers to those wondering how to have a successful band program.

An individual that attended the Boot Camp in 2007 stated "it was one of the best preparations I had to succeed in my first year of teaching. The handbook that Gail put together was full of practical strategies that were immediately applicable during the first year of teaching. Most of all, I treasure the mentors and friendships that started in Boot Camp and to this day, still remain some of my greatest colleagues”.

As all of us know, Gail has a continual passion to give back to our profession. As a result she has been the “force” behind the success of this annual NSBA Boot Camp which has been happening for almost fifteen years. It is because of her service to our organization as a mentor, that she has made a difference to so many of our younger directors sitting in this room as they began their journey as a band director in school communities across Nebraska.

Please help us in honoring and thanking Gail Carpenter-Johnson for her “distinguished” leadership and service to the NSBA organization with the Duane E. Johnson Distinguished Service Award for 2016!

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