Outstanding Administrator Award
2012 Dr. Rich Beran, Assistant Superintendant Gretna Public Schools

I have been extremely fortunate in my twenty-five years in the Gretna Public School system to have worked with several exceptional administrators, including Dr. Rich Beran our Assistant Superintendant. Dr. Beran attends almost every single band performance from middle school concerts and contests to the high school marching band, jazz band and concert band performances. He makes a point to come up to the directors after concerts and contests and congratulate us on the students’ performance. He is not only highly visible at these events, but he is very supportive through his compliments.

Dr. Beran is also responsible for our school district’s budget. Through some of the most difficult economic times, he has been able to approve EVERY budget request that both Alex Wimmer (our Head High School Director) and I have made.

When I pass through the Central Office, Dr. Beran frequently stops me to say hello and ask how things are going. He talks to me about both specific events of the ensembles and about the individual kids and their personal accomplishments. He has a keen interest not only in the band program on the large scale but the individual members as well.

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