Current Officers

2011 – 2013
President – Kathy Dalby
Vice President – Stan Johnson
Secretary/Treasurer – Dr. Carolyn Barber
Past President – Dr. Jay Gilbert
Board of Directors – Linda Donahue
Chair of Project & Objectives Committee – Dr. Jay Gilbert
2011 – 2013 Alpha Theta Committee Assignments
Executive Board Committee
    Dr. Jay Gilbert, Kathy Dalby, Dr. Carolyn Barber and Stan Johnson
Project and Objectives Committee
    Dr. Jay Gilbert, Dr. Carolyn Barber, Stan Johnson and Linda Donohue;
Others to be determined
Ritual and Program Commettee
    Royce Schweitzer, Chair; others to be determined
Awards – TBD
Constitution and By-Laws Committee
    Linda Donohue, Chair
      Dr. Bill Winkle, Bryan Johnson, Rex Barker, and Terry Rush
Membership Committee
    Stan Johnson, Chair
      Kathy Dalby, Dr. Jay Gilbert, Dr. Carolyn Barber, and Linda Donahue
Web Master
    David Young, Chair

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