Your writers consider it a privilege to have authored this book!  We have gleaned all the material we could find and have gained even a greater respect for all those persons who have had such a profound influence on the band movement in Nebraska.  There may have been a hiatus from 1937 to 1962 when there was no organized band directors organization bu t there was a strong and vibrant leadership in the outstanding programs that had developed throughout the state.

We can be thankful that Art Harrell, R. Cedric Anderson, Matt Shoemaker, J. Quinn  Lotspeich, and others felt strongly enough about band music in Nebraska that they organized in 1936.  The organization that evolved, NMEA, was the direct result of their work and influence.  However, by 1962 it seemed appropriate and that the time was right to create a new organization as the band activities began to expand in all areas. Thus, NSBA came into being and has a created an organization has that has become the “heart and soul” of the band movement in Nebraska.

We  feel a sense of gratitude for everything that developed in the past, great respect for the current leadership, and know that the future is secure with all the gifted young band directors who grace our presence. 

We also wish to thank those of the membership that so graciously provided historical material for the book.  We hope that as you look back on the association in the future that you will have the same appreciation for all those that have provided such great leadership and made NSBA what it is!





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