In 1975, after several years of planning and study, the Outstanding Bandmaster Award became a reality.  Eugene Stoll, former Supervisor of Instrumental Music in the Lincoln Public Schools, presented the original idea for the award.  Michael Veak, then the current NSBA Public Relations Chairman, and a committee that included Duane W. Johnson and Eugene Stoll, drew up the guidelines.

One paragraph in the committees’ guidelines read:  “As a profession we must constantly seek out and welcome opportunities to recognize excellence among band directors throughout the state and make the public aware of the vital role the band director plays in molding today’s youth for a better tomorrow. 

The award was named in honor of a man known and respected by many Nebraskans.  Having retired as Director of Bands at UNL in 1974 after 37 years at the University, he was known as the national founder of Band Day early in his career at UNL and, although the athletic department ceased to allow it in 1971, Band Day is still a part of many colleges and Universities around the nation.  During his career, Mr. Lentz also became a respected advisor to school band programs across the nation, and his vigorous encouragement motivated countless directors and students to achieve greater heights of excellence in their respective band programs.

Currently the annual recipient of the award is selected by a committee appointed by the Awards Chair Person.  Nominees must be Nebraska Band Directors and members of NSBA; nominations for the award are based upon the following guidelines as stated in the nomination form:

1.  Does the candidate demonstrate an interest in the total band program? Explain

2.  How has the candidate evidenced a commitment to a career as a band director?

3.  In what ways has the candidate demonstrated by example and deed the basic principles of an        outstanding band director?

4.  Has the candidate shown creativity, originality and imagination as a band director?  Explain.

5.  List the professional organizations in which the candidate takes part.  Include offices held, if      any, and individual and group awards.



1975 - B.A. Johnson

1976 - Jack R. Snider

1977 - Duane E. Johnson

1978 - Glenn Koca

1979 - Jim Johnson

1980 - Georgene Diers

1981 - H. Arthur Schrepel

1982 - Harry McNees

1983 - Joseph Slavik

1984 - Don Johnson

1985 - Rod Schmidt

1986 - Dave Young

1987 - Bob Olsen

1988 - Bob Maag

1989 - Joe Chapman

1990 - Dean Maxwell

<imgclass="img-responsive center-block" src="/Content/Media/Image/Chapter_5/Schmidt.jpg" width="300" height="216" />

1991 - Tony Snyder

1992 - Dale Duensing

1993 - James Saker

1994 - Duane W. Johnson

1995 - Robert E. Leigh

1996 - Kenneth A. Molzer

1996 - Kenneth A. Molzer

1997 - Phil Fahrlander

1998 - Michael H. Veak

1999 - Gary Davis

2000 - Dick Keiser

2001 - Linda Donahue

2002 - Ron Rickert

2003 - Bob Jenkins

2004 - Duane DeVries

2005 - Byron Braasch

2006- Terry Rush

2007- Tom Jaworski

2008- Kathy Dalby

2009- Brad Weber

2010- Brian Anderson

2011- Bill Reichert


The Jack R. Snider Young Band Director Award was established in 1986 by the NSBA Past President’s Council and approved by the Executive Board to commemorate the 25th anniversary of NSBA.  The award was named for Jack Snider, who retired after a long and distinguished career which included 35 years at UNL.  A committee of four Past Presidents, the first one chaired by Duane W. Johnson, are appointed each year to select the recipient of the award.

Nominations for the award are based upon the following guidelines as stated in the nomination form:

Write a short paragraph about the nominee giving your assessment of his/her teaching qualities, ability to organize and success with the band program and with students.  Nominees will be asked to fill out an information form giving instrumentation list of their band, rehearsal schedule, perfomances in and out of school and community activities.  Directors must be NSBA members in their third through seventh years of teaching to be considered for the award.



1986 - Byron Braasch, Dan Ehly, Jeff James, Bill Kellett, Sharon Klein, Diane Pedrock-Diffey

1987 - Kathy Dalby, Norman Edwards, Dave Klein, Don Krysl, Rick Moore

1988 - Brian Anderson, Charlene Brown, Tracy Biggs, Bob Krueger, Ron Smith

1989 - Daryl Jessen, Jon Weidner, Mary Tarleton

1990 - Pat Fortney, Curtis Forsch, Cathy Ludgate Keiser, Richard Philson

1991 - Jacque Rush, Steve Steager

1992 - Eric Fahrlander, Diane Lewis, Robert Lyons, Karen Murphy, Matt Sheppard

1993 - Jim Kordik, Barb Mock, Chris Tucker, Frank James Kucera

1994 - Brian Walker, Andy Sorensen, Neal Schnoor, Teresa 
       Schnoor, Mike Koch, Paul Gausman

1995 - Lance Nielsen, John Franssen, Shane Macklin, John Winter, Tom Hansen

1996 - John Robke, Susan Saker, Sam Zitek

1997 - Jeff Fahrlander

1998 - Doug Hauserman, Kevin Koopman, Jed O’Leary, Dwight Rose, Nolan Schmit

1999 - Mark Irvin, Jennene Puchalla, Greg Bergman, Kate Bergman

2000 - Nicole DiGiovanni-Kordik, Aaron Svoboda, Kim Wiedeman

2001 - Chris Johnson, Gail Carpenter-Johnson, Ron Hardin, Dan Sodomka

2002 - Chad Scharff, Mark Revell

2003- Mike Sindt, Brian Alber, Rebecca Wilhelm

2004-Darren Myers, Sandra Murphy, Brady Rohlfs, Todd Cook

2005-Nate Auman, John Schultz, Andy Walters


2007-Nate Metshke, Michael Schlake

2008-John Furrow

2009- Kyle Haugen, Jonathan Jaworski, Andrew Johnson, Katie McCormick, Sarah Stratton

2010-Joshua Austin, Brandi Greenfelder, Michael Pollock

2011-Nicole Csipkes, Misty Prochazka, Shawn Oakes, Alex Wimmer, Erin Poe





The Outstanding Administrator Award was established in 1984 to honor an administrator for interest and support which enabled the instrumental music program to succeed.  The candidate must be a Nebraska administrator.

Nominations for the award are based upon the following guidelines as stated in the nomination form:

1.  How has this administrator demonstrated interest and support in the total band program?

2.  In what ways have the administrator’s actions directly benefitted the band program?

3. How does the administrator exhibit a continuing interest and involvement in young people who are connected with the band program?

4.  List the professional organizations in which the candidate is involved.  Include offices held.  Please indicate any individual awards and honors.

5. Please attach a letter stating the reasons you feel this candidate is a superior administrator.




1988 – Russ Hicks (Tri-County Schools)

1989 – Herbert Barrellman (Bellevue East High School

1990 – Dr. Ken Thomsen (Fremont High School)

1991 – Nicolas J. Marick (Bluffs Middle School, Scottsbluff)

1992 – None

1993 – Dr. Del Weber (University of Nebraska at Omaha)

1994 – Steve Shanahan (Blair High School)

1995 – Gary Anderson (Nemaha Valley Schools)

1996 – Roger Givens (Bellevue West High School)

1997 – Dr. Dennis Nosal (Norris High School)

1998 – Dr. Carole Matthes (Lincoln Public Schools)

1999 – Dr. John Deegan (Bellevue Public Schools)

2000 – Dr. Kevin Riley (Gretna Public Schools)

2001 – Dr. Donald Zeiss (Wayne High School)

2002 – Larry Parker (Lincoln High School)

2003 – Dr. James Loch (Adams Central High School, Hastings)

2004 – Dr. Pat Hunter-Pirtle (Lincoln Southeast High School)

2005 – Dr. Rick Werkheiser (Millard North High School)

2006 – Paul Sheffield (Shickley Public Schools)

2007 – Jim Landwehr (Adams Central High School, Hastings)

2008 – Rocky Ruhl (Wayne High School)

2009 – None

2010 – Stan Turner (Bennington High School)

2011 – Brad Stueve (Bellevue East High School)



The NSBA instituted this new award in 2003 to honor band programs that demonstrate a high degree of academic achievement.  The award is presented at the awards banquet at the annual March convention to those bands that qualify.

To qualify, the cumulative grade point of all students in the high school instrumental program must be 3.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale.  This must be verified by the high school principal or superintendent.



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