Since the initial Nebraska State Bandmaster’s Association had evolved into the Nebraska Music Educators Association in 1937, there was no specific organization just for Band Directors.  There was talk among Band Directors throughout the state that there should be an organization that paralleled the professional groups in Iowa, Texas and other states.  The definitive exploration of the idea was made by George Anderson during the school year 1960-61.  Those persons that knew George Anderson and the effect of his dynamic leadership in music readily responded to this idea.  A notice was placed in the December issue of the Nebraska Music Educator inviting directors to attend an organizational meeting along with a proviso that they send $10 in order that work could begin.  The response was very positive, just as it was in 1936 when Arthur Harrell issued the first invitation.

The first organizational meeting was held at the Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln on January 7, 1962.  David Fowler of Lincoln presided over the first meeting.  The February issue of the Nebraska Music Educators magazine announced that another progressive step in Nebraska music was undertaken on January 7 when a group of interested band directors had met at Pershing Auditorium in Lincoln to discuss the formation of an organization to benefit directors of bands across the state.  The meeting was conducted as a “committee of the whole” rather than following parliamentary procedure.  This committee of the whole consisted of the following Band Directors.

Fred A. Semin, Brainard; B.A. (Bud) Johnson, Syracuse; Kenneth Johnson, Columbus; Richard Kucera, Robin Mickle Junior High , Lincoln; David Fowler, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Orlan Thomas, University High, Lincoln; Jack Snider , University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Duane Schulz, Northeast High School, Lincoln; Paul Austin, Southeast High School, Lincoln; Phillip Murphy, Pius X High School, Lincoln; William Wurtz, Schuyler; James Imig, Nebraska City; Paul Parker, Westside Schools, Omaha; Robert Maag, Waverly; Lumir Havlicek, Dorchester; James M. King, Hastings College, Hastings; Arthur Schrepel, Pawnee City; Byron Havlicek, Columbus.

During the two hour session tentative plans were formulated as follows:

1.  It was agreed that an annual convention date be established, sometime around June 1 and 2.

2.  The “committee as a whole” was to return for a planning meeting on March 25. Specific committees were appointed and were to report at this time.

 3.  It was agreed that the dues be $5.00 and would include registration for the convention.  The financial future was discussed and would be referred to a “ways and means committee” for further study.   Memberships for students and dealers must be considered as well.
4.  The following committees were appointed:

Organizing Committee:

David Fowler, Co-Chairman
Jack Snider, Co-Chairman
William Wurtz

Constitution Committee:

James M. King, Chairman
Paul Austin
Louis Burkel

Convention Program Committee:

Byron Havlicek, Chairman
Phillip Murphy
Orlan Thomas
Arthur Schrepel

5.  Byron Havlicek was appointed treasurer pro tem and authorized to receive dues.

6.  It was agreed that the convention should open with a banquet meeting on Friday evening, June 1 at 6:30.

7. The importance of continued support and loyalty to all the present educational and professional       organizations by NSBDA members was definite.  It was established that present channels for existing   activities were recognized and the excellent liaison between the NMEA and the State Activities Association commended.  It was to be understood that all State Clinic problems were to be handled by the elected representatives of the Nebraska Music Educators Association and their duly appointed committees.  Further, it was suggested that district contest activities are a matter for the Nebraska State Activities Association.

8. The basic activities of the NSBDA conventions should center on those projects which may well result  in better teaching in the band area.  It was suggested that any participation by high school students be kept to whatever demonstration people were needed for a given session.

9.  The opportunity to affiliate with national band directors groups may be explored at a later date.

10. The need for a newsletter for the membership was considered and options explored.

11. It was agreed that membership in the organization was open to any band director or any other person interested in “band betterment” in the state.

12. The location of the convention was discussed.  Lincoln was adopted for the first year in order to expedite arrangements.

13.  It was tentatively agreed that the Nebraska Marching Band Contest might become a sponsored event of the Nebraska State Band Directors Association.

There was concern expressed by the Organizing Committee, comprised of David Fowler, Jack Snider and William Wurtz, that the attempt to organize might be taken negatively by the Nebraska Music Educators Association.  The committee drafted and sent a letter to Larry Romeiser, President of NMEA.  The letter reads as follows:

Dear Larry,

It seems appropriate that I should drop you a line regarding the formation of the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association.  It was suggested at our organizational meeting that this is to be done on behalf of the organizing committee.  I hope you will find it acceptable to have it in this ditto form with copies included in the progress report to our membership.  Should you wish to inform others we will be glad to send additional copies as you direct.

We are well aware that in the past there has been a reluctance to form special organizations within our music profession.  However, it seems to us that there is a change in point of view among many members of our group who are now Nebraska music teachers.  It seems this was well demonstrated at our last convention in the adoption of the tryout system and the endorsement of recommendations for contest revision.  As an organizing committee we have only the interest of the music program in the state and the desire to aid in the promotion of those activities which encourage teachers to remain in our state as a motivation.  It seems that more activities of a professional nature might aid in stopping the exodus of so many of our young instrumental teachers.

It is for these reasons that we feel we should take another step forward by forming the NSBDA.  At the outset you will find a complete endorsement of present activities and professional organizations.  There is no concern that any of the present activities are not in good hands or are less valuable than in the past.  It is the feeling that we need to do more to provide information, experiences, and exchange ideas as part of our all over “in-service” training.  Often the needs of the band director are not as academic as necessary to be an integral part of the college degree program and hence certain “know-how” is left for on the job learning.  It is in this field that we feel the NSBDA can make its greatest contribution.

It does not seem that the plans we have outlined will encroach in any way upon NMEA activities.  We have determined that very few school students will be included and only then for demonstration purposes.  As long as the NMEA includes the excellent concert experiences for the student groups its success is assured.  In any event many of our directors seem to think that all of these events are needed for the best professional development of our teachers.  Moreover, the chance for more of our State band directors to fill professional offices is a worthy goal in itself.
We hope you can attend the convention and would welcome any suggestions you may have, either by letter or in person, at our planning meeting this month.

The NSBDA Organizing Committee
David Fowler
Jack Snider
William Wurtz

        A statement of purpose for the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association was written and it greatly reflected the concern expressed in the letter to Larry Romeiser.  It read as follows:


The NSBDA was founded as a professional organization for anyone interested in the                        improvement of school bands.  Its origin in 1962 was undertaken in response to enthusiasm expressed by many band directors in Nebraska for such a state group.

Its purpose is to provide experiences and information to aid the teachersof wind and percussion and of school bands. It further is concerned with matters which make for a professional climate in our state in order that we may attract and retain quality teachers.

 The major activitywill be an annual convention for the membership which will afford an opportunity for workshop, clinic, demonstration and lecture sessions toward the above  named goals.  The discussion of professional problems in both formal and informal situations is                    recognized as a worthy contribution to the achievement of these goals.

Its members affirm their full support for the existing professional groups in our state.  Active membership in NSEA, NMEA, and the full support of NSAA in its role of district contest sponsor is a basic tenant of the group. The effective channels these organizations provide and the excellent liaison between them are fully appreciated by the NSBDA membership.

It believes that its efforts can best be evaluated by the ultimate contribution which the band makes to our schools, communities and to the education of our youth.

     With the initial work completed, it was decided that a planning meeting for the assigned committees would be held on March 25 to finalize work on the initial June 1 and June 2 convention of that year.  Each of the committees followed an agenda for deliberation and action and the results of their careful consideration presented to the committee as a whole at the March meeting.  It may seem unimportant to list the areas of discussion but these persons were “setting the tone” for the beginning of an association with a strong emphasis on what its future should be.  Therefore, the agendas for each of the committees were as follows:

Organizing Committee:
1.  Meeting place, cost and location of banquet, menu, etc.

2.  Investigate affiliation with National Band groups.  How many are there, which ones would benefit us Best, what are our obligations to them, what are the advantages to us, and etc.?

3.  Arrange three mailings to all State Band Directors.

a. Invitation to join the group and attend the planning meeting.
b. Invitation to attend convention.

4.  Mail progress reports to all members who have recorded their dues with Byron Havlicek.

5.  Arrange a news release (possibly an ad) in the Nebraska Music Educator for the convention.

Program Committee:   (Discussion guide for program selection)

     1.  If a sight reading session is planned, a small but competent group of players as a nucleus would be formed to be certain of a basic instrumentation.  Perhaps these players can come from college student members.  Any of the NSBDA members who wish to play can then join in.
     Directors should be thoroughly familiar with the music they are to conduct and should be prepared to omit repetitive material in order that the most efficient use of the time is made.

     If possible, scores should be microfilmed or put on overhead transparencies (by thermo fax of similar process) for projection.  Some screening of materials should be had in order that the music is worthy and within the reach of most of the band directors present.

     It should be emphasized that this is not a play for fun session and a chance to rehearse advanced music, but a time to hear the materials in which the membership will make such a substantial investment.

     2.  If we plan a director’s band we need to make specific arrangements as to chairs and complete instrumentation.  Once the members of the group are assigned, fill-in personnel should be recruited, possibly from the colleges.

     An authoritative guest conductor must be obtained in order to make this a truly rehearsed and valuable planning experience.

     3.  Any plans for instrument and materials displays should recognize that they become an event of the convention and should have scheduled time.  It may well be that such a short meeting should limit displays  of material and equipment to those items necessary for specific sessions.  The excellent job done at NMEA conventions in the fall could not be duplicated in a one day meeting.

     4. Avoid sessions based on fundamentals (most of the directors know these), or how to get organized for travel, or how to buy uniforms, etc.  The sessions should not center on college bands which have a completely different sort of set up.  A college director could well pass on drill ideas which schools could adapt, of course.  Perhaps someone who can show a collection of films which would provide the members with show and drill ideas would be valuable.  Perhaps a session devoted to sight reading pep band music would be  desired. Discussions of special arrangement know how is of little help to school directors, since the majority will need to use published materials.

     5.  Stage Band sessions have been suggested.

     6.  A morning workshop on instrument repair might be worthy.

     7.  A session dealing with people in the community might be in order.

     8.  A presentation on the professional opportunities of the individual members might be in order.

     9.  The needs of the college program for training band directors could be compared with the forces which are changing the college curriculum in music as a panel discussion.

     10. The problem of the first year band director, also, the problems of the experienced band director on a new job.

Financial Considerations

1.   It is obvious that all financial problems are divided into two categories: income and expenses.

2.   the most professional source of funds is from individual membership dues.  However, the five dollar amount makes for very limited revenue and it may be necessary to explore other sources.  Membership for commercial organizations should be established as well as for college students.  It  should be remembered that dealers are already called upon to support many music activities including the NMEA and various local programs.  It should be also recognized that college students are called upon to join at least three music or teaching “student chapter” groups.

3.  Officers of the NSBDA should not be expected to make financial sacrifice in the execution of their duties. However, they can do much to keep expenses within reason. 

a. As much as possible, all business should be transacted by mail, with long distance phone as an emergency measure.  The use of night letters is often advisable since it makes for a written record.

b. Perhaps travel can be kept reasonable by combining rides.  If any delegates are sent to a major  convention it might be reasonable to limit reimbursement to the cost of rail fare.

c. While printed material has a very professional look, it is possible to do a lot of communicating  with ditto process.

d. Some limits might be set on meals during the planning sessions.

Proposed Sponsorship of the Nebraska Marching Band Contest:

From the very first organizational meeting of the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association there was a general feeling that the Marching Band Contest held at Pershing Auditorium each year could and should be sponsored by the new organization.  A proposal was drafted to be presented to the board that had hosted the marching festival since its inception in 1958.

The proposal read as follows:
1.  A separate committee will be charged with the responsibility of the marching contest.  It shall operate under the guidance of Phillip Murphy and continue to have sole discretion in the operation of the marching event.

2.  Members of NSBDA are under no particular obligation to include their own bands in the contest unless they feel it a worthy project for them.  This decision should be made on a local basis as has been the case with all of the members of the marching committee in the past.

The feasibility of separating this obligation and still sponsoring the event can be demonstrated by the fact that the members who have assisted in the marching project have not entered their own bands.  On the years when some of them decided to enter they have taken leave from the committee obligation.

3.  While the Marching Contest is not planned as a fund raising project, it has managed to net a small balance in its fourth year of operation.  It is anticipated that the demonstrated growth of this event may make possible small revenue in the years ahead which might be allocated to the NSBDA for their convention program.  It has been agreed that this seems a professional use of the modest funds made possible by increasing audiences.

4.  It has been suggested that the allocations to the NSBDA are to be made on a year to year basis as the managing committee of the contest sees fit.  It will be necessary for them to maintain a balance sufficient for each succeeding year’s operation of the contest, since operating on the basis of anticipated income is risky at best. The marching contest committee under Phillip Murphy’s efficient leadership has agreed to an allocation of $300 for the first year’s NSBDA program.

An article in the April, 1962 Nebraska Music Educators magazine announced that final arrangements for the first convention of the newly formed Nebraska State Bandmasters Association had been made.  “A fine representation of our State’s directors has pledged their support by joining the group as Charter Members.  As is true with any such effort, the strength and effectiveness of a band director’s professional group will depend on the devotion of its membership.”

The program will center on a director’s band under the leadership of Frank Piersol, Director of Bands at Iowa State University.  Clinic sessions will be conducted by Dean Killion, Director of Bands at Texas Tech and Milo Hovey, Educational Director of the Selmer Band instrument company.

The convention will open on Friday evening, June 1, with a banquet in the Pan-American Room of the Nebraska Union.  It will be followed with a concert by the Nebraska Symphonic Band under the direction of Jack Snider.  The business session will conclude the first evening.  Rehearsals of the director’s band and clinic sessions will fill the schedule for Saturday, June 2, with a concert in the evening by the director’s group.
In order to make proper reservations for the banquet and arrange the roster of players for the director’s band it will be necessary to have memberships as soon as possible.  Please send dues and a notation of your desire to attend the banquet to Byron Havlicek, Instructor of Instrumental Music, Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, Nebraska

From these meager beginnings, an association has evolved that has made a concerted effort to meet the needs of the band directors of this state.  Through the years, different needs have been identified and an emphasis placed on the very important changes that have transpired.  The programming each year illustrates the variance of the emphasis from year to year.

Initially the attendance was sparse but directors could witness the intent espoused in the programming and understood that the organizers were true to their word.  To solicit more input and, at the same time, have persons in place to sell the organization, 10 District Chairpersons were appointed in 1966, by President Bob Maag, as an extension to the board.  The 10 districts did not correspond with the NSEA guidelines and proved to be confusing.  In 1966 a new plan was approved to form 18 NSBA (1-18) districts but, again, this plan did not correspond to NSEA boundaries and proved to be totally confusing.  Therefore, another revision took place in 1967 to align the districts with the NSEA guidelines.  The six NSEA districts were subdivided into 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C, etc. with a total of 18 NSBDA districts.  President Duane E. Johnson selected an Advisory Board of one person from each of these districts.  The advisory board was to oversee the activities of the other district chairpersons.  George Meredith of Bassett had been the architect of the original plan and this was hopefully the last revision leading to a permanent arrangement.

The intent of the plan to organize around NSEA guidelines was to encourage the band directors to have an annual meeting during their district teachers’ convention which, at that time, was basically mandatory that all teachers attend.  It was felt that a statewide effort could be launched to change contest rules, rules governing the appearance of pep bands at district tournaments, etc. as there was a NSAA district meeting held at each convention site - rules changes originated at the district level.  In addition, a clearly articulated position by the districts made it easier to present district thoughts at annual NMEA contest meetings. 

Of course, the real intent of the district representatives was to encourage band directors who did not belong to NSBA to become a member and attend the state convention. This proved to work as membership in NSBA doubled from 1967 to 1969.   However, it was stated in an organizational letter; “the scope of a District Chairman’s job is limited by little else than his own ambition and imagination”.

This arrangement stayed in place until 1977 when it was decided to have one representative from each district but have them elected instead of appointed.  In 1979 it was changed again to having a class representative according to school size–Class AA, A, B, C, D, elementary/junior high and college/university, eliminating the six district chairs.

 Early activities of officers and district representatives were limited by a lack of funds.  The treasury at the end of 1969 showed a balance of $135.60.  During this era the elected officers paid their own way to board meetings and absorbed the cost of attending the convention out of their own pocket.

There were several firsts in the 1970s.   In 1970 the first Nebraska Marching Band Scholarships were awarded. with money allocated from the Nebraska Marching Band Festival.  They provided a $300 1st place scholarship and a $150 2nd place scholarship.  The recipients of these scholarships were required to complete 12 hours toward a music degree in an accredited Nebraska college or university before the award would become official.  From 1970-1985 47 scholarships were awarded.  Another first in 1971 was the awarding of the first “Retiring Bandmasters Award. (The First Recipient was Don Childs Sr.) In 1975 the first Annual DONALD A. LENTZ OUTSTANDING BANDMASTER AWARD was presented TO B.A. Johnson of Syracuse–made possible with money allocated from the Nebraska Marching Band Festival.  Commencing in 1972, the Convention began on Thursday evening for the first time, beginning with registration and “kicking it off” with a band concert.  The convention has ended with a noon banquet and awards Ceremony since that time...

In 1971 the Executive Board distributed rules for the selection of the “guest band” to perform at the annual Bandmasters Convention.  NSBA began placing paid ads and using the NMEA Journal to correspond with the membership.  In 1972 the Executive Board retired “the patch” and instructed Mike Veak to have bumper stickers printed that say: “BANDS MAKE IT”.  At the close of the 1972 convention the official membership was reported to be 272.  The Wayne State Band was selected as guest band for the 1973 convention.  To facilitate mailings to the membership, the Board purchased a used address-o-graph and 500 plates.

In 1972 the Executive Board of NSBA challenged the abolition of the UNL Band Day in 1972.  In a letter to all the top administrators stating: “The Executive Board recommends that the University Band Day not be abolished but that an attempt be made to alleviate existing problems which now make the event difficult to manage.  If these problems cannot be resolved, the Board strongly feels that an alternate activity or function should be provided for the marching bands of Nebraska”.

The following proposal for resolution was sent to the University of Nebraska Athletic Department: “That the University of Nebraska Cornhusker Marching Band be annually assigned to a site specified by the NSBA Executive Board, and there serving as host, provide clinical services, training techniques, and demonstration techniques for approximately 1000 students throughout Nebraska”.  The cost of such a venture was to be approximately $8000.  “In response, Jack Snider visited with the Board discussing the limitations of such a plan but stating that the University Band would be of assistance however it could to the students of Nebraska”.

In 1973 the balance in the treasury was reported to be $1,305.23.  Duane W. Johnson, chairman of the Pershing Band Festival, proposed that the total scholarship amount be raised to $600 with an additional $100 allowed for the administration of the program by NSBA.  He also reported that the Festival Committee would continue to pay for plaques for participating bands in the Festival and Spring Convention.  Plaques were presented to four retiring band directors: Harold Chatelain, Walt Olson, Marion Thayer and Donald Lentz.  The membership was reported as 288 for 1973.

In 1974 Dean Dahlke, Chairman of the Committee on Contest Revision for NMEA, reported that proposed contest changes would be presented and voted on at the Representative Assembly meeting.  A number of changes were recommended, one of which was the addition of an “AA” classification for high schools of 800 or more enrollment. 

An Outstanding High School Band Director proposal was presented by President Murphy and accepted.  The President also submitted the Honorary Life Membership Plan that was accepted and placed in force immediately and retroactively.  Phil Fahrlander moved that Public Relations chairmanship is established which was seconded and carried.  Mike Veak was nominated and elected to this position.

The Pershing Marching Band Festival was announced for October 26.  President Murphy recommended that Dennis Emke continue as Membership Chair for another year–accepted by Board.  The balance in the treasury was reported to be $2,493.10.  The total membership was reported to be 282.   Ralph Chatelain, Ken Johnson and Art Schrepel were recognized as retiring Band Directors.  In April 1974 the Executive Board considered and enacted new guidelines to properly recognize retiring directors.

In 1975 the OUTSTANDING BANDMASTER AWARD became a reality.  Mike Veak offered the following motion: “I move that the Outstanding Bandmaster , with the bandmaster being recognized at the convention luncheon as well as Don Lentz be recognized, but not disclosing the name of the award until that time.  It was seconded by Phil Murphy and approved by a vote of the Board.

It was announced in 1976 that the first Summer Marching Band Clinic be held with Dean Killion as the clinician. August 11, 12, and 13 were announced as the tentative dates.  (Discussion ensued with the Board on what should be presented at the initial Clinic.)  Other issues surfaced regarding the relationship between NSBA and NSEA and the types of activities that could be pursued during the October Teacher’s Convention.  There was also discussion concerning District Junior High Festivals, meetings with an election of District Chairpersons, NSBA’s involvement with the annual Pershing Marching Festival and ideas pertaining to the annual Mid-Winter Convention.

The summer of 1977 ushered in the first Summer Meeting Band Clinic.  Initiating the Summer Clinic took the pressure off of the regular March convention by placing the marching emphasis at a time and situation where participation in the learning process could take place.  The earliest conventions emphasized the need for the changing styles and role of marching but everything had been limited to chalk talk, charts, films and other things that could be done indoors.  The addition of the Summer Clinic was timely as the style of show was changing to attempt to emulate what the drum corps was doing.  The introduction of changes of design, an increasing emphasis and changing role of  percussion, movement on the field and the use of special effects made it especially important that it  be included in the NSBA program at this time.

In 1978 the membership was reported to be 279 compared to 208 in 1977.  The NSBA Service Award was given to Reg Schieve, formally of UNO.  “Bud” Johnson was given the retiring Bandmaster award.  In 1979 the Executive Board authorized the printing of laminated Life Membership Cards to all retiring band directors.

The 1980's also saw many other important additions and changes.  In 1980 the first Intercollegiate band was formed with the intent that selected members from university and college bands in the state assemble during the convention and work under the baton of a well-known conductor.  Names are submitted by the director and, basically, membership is assigned by instrumentation needs.  Their convention concert has been the last presentation of the week-end.

There were changes in the NSBA Scholarship in 1980.  A “College Senior Scholarship” was initiated.  Prospects with second semester standing were to submit a letter of application, two letters of recommendation and be a music education major with a wind or percussion emphasis.  Interviews were held at the Spring Convention.

A graduate scholarship was also added.  A graduate candidate was to have at least three years of teaching; be enrolled in a graduate degree program, in a school of his/her choice; with a continuing emphasis in music education.  The candidate was to submit a letter of application; submit two letters of recommendation and interview with a presidentially appointed committee.

In 1981 the “Purpose and Goals” of the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association Band Contest were distributed. The document included purpose, judging forms, guidelines for the selection of adjudicators and general recommendations for competing bands.  The membership was announced as 317.

In 1982 the “Criteria for Adjudicators of Marching Band Competition” was distributed to the general membership. Paul Brizzi, High School Director at Oskaloosa, Iowa was announced as the headline clinician for the 1982 Nebraska Bandmasters Summer Marching clinic.  The Outstanding Administration Award Committee, with Phil Fahrlander as chair, met to develop and work out details for an Outstanding Administrator Award.  It was announced that Dr. Gary Smith of the University of Illinois was the headliner for the 1983 Summer Marching Clinic.

The first annual NSBA Marching Contest was held in 1983.  The “beloved” Pershing Marching Festival had been the important marching contest in the state but the smaller indoor arena would no longer accommodate the larger bands and the shift of emphasis in style.  The influence of the Drum Corps was being felt strongly and bands were beginning to emulate the Corps traditions.  This meant that bands would need to move to the football fields to stage their shows to allow for the depth and breadth the show would require. 

Dr. James Saker was President of NSBA with the advent of the State Marching Contest.  He essentially chaired the first contest with the assistance of Tom Jaworski, Rex Cadwallader and Dale Duensing as the organizers. After the first contest there were directors who requested that a final “tote sheet” be sent to all participating directors but this idea was rejected by the Executive Board at a November meeting. In 1984 the NSBA Executive Board added a Marching Band Chairperson to the Board.  With the shift of emphasis new rules and guidelines for judges had to be invoked.  Dave Young, with the assistance of a marching band committee, was the architect of much of the early preparation while serving as the first Marching Band Chair.  A new selection process was adopted for the Marching Band Committee.  Past participating director’s names were to appear on the ballot at the Convention following the Fall Marching Contests to select the Committee for the next year.  The various classes have moved to different venues around the state.  The Western Contest is held in Scottsbluff each year and accommodates all classes. 

A major change was made in the scholarship selection process.  Applicants for the scholarship would now be allowed to submit an audition tape for consideration for one of the scholarships.  A screening committee would select finalists to come to the convention and compete for first and second place.  Memorization was dropped as a requirement.

The by-laws have always been subject to revision and 1983 was no exception as officers were added to the Board and the roles subject to revision.  A committee comprised of Robert Bebout, Paul Ramp, and Robert Leigh was formed to draft a resolution concerned with District and State Playoff Admissions that was to be presented to the general membership.

The by-laws were again subject to changes and were placed on the ballot for the 1984 Convention.  The committee appointed to study District and State Playoff Admissions reported that their suggestion was that NSAA extend passes to all District and State level boy and girl competitions to Band Members.  The subject of point totals was placed before the membership in the form of a motion “that final point totals for competing bands at the NSBA Marching Band Contest not be published” and easily passed.  Herb Dregalla had been working on a selective music list and reported it to be near completion.  Jim Saker agreed to put it on the computer and allow directors to purchase a disc or the printout!

The Executive Board of NSBA felt that supportive administrators should be recognized.  In 1984 the first OUTSTANDING ADMINISTRATOR AWARD was presented to Kim Benning, Principal at Yutan High School.

The Summer Marching Workshop was held at the Kearney Ramada Inn.  The guest clinicians were James Keene, Director of Bands at the University of Arizona and Bill Ballenger, Marching Band Director at the University of Nebraska.

In 1986 the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association was to celebrate its 25th anniversary.  Jim Saker asked Duane E. Johnson to chair and appoint the organizing committee prior to the 1985 Convention.   The committee consisted of Duane E. Johnson, Bud Johnson, Jack Snider, Bob Maag and Jimmy King.  The 25th Anniversary Committee had a preliminary program in place in the fall prior to the Convention.  Feeling that a Past-Presidents organization would be helpful in the planning, Duane had called a meeting of Past Presidents, held at the 1985 convention, suggesting that we have a Past-Presidents Council.  Duane chaired the meeting attended by Jack Snider, Robert Leigh, Duane W. Johnson, Glenn Koca, B.A. Johnson, Rod Schmidt, Phil Murphy, Mike Veak, Byron Havlicek, Robert Maag, Dale Duensing and Earl Green.  Jim Johnson and Dean Maxwell represented the Executive Board. 

 The first order of business was to decide if there would indeed be a Past Presidents’ organization.  After a short period of discussion, a unanimous vote was cast to create the NSBA Past Presidents’ Council.  Anticipating that the vote would be affirmative, an agenda was in place for immediate consideration.  The NSBA Board was aware of the possible creation of the Council and had decided to ask this body to come up with program ideas and activities to celebrate the Silver Anniversary of the association:

The agenda items all related to preparing for the 1986 convention and were presented with the idea that there should be an immediate resolution and they are as follows:

1. It was felt that a 25th anniversary commemorative booklet should be put together, complete with a brief history of the organization.   Mike Veak agreed to chair this committee. Mike Veak began work with Art Schrepel and NMEA to promote the convention at NMEA during the November convention of the association...  Mike was to contact exhibitors for ads for the Commemorative booklet that he was putting together.  Mike was working with Art to extract historical materials that might be used in the booklet.  The subject of reimbursement for NMEA was discussed should Exhibitors shift their advertising to the commemorative booklet.  Bud Johnson agreed to chair a committee to work out procedures for the Intercollegiate and Director’s Bands.

2.  A new award, “ultimately to honor Jack Snider”, was suggested.  This was to be called THE YOUNG BANDMASTERS AWARD.  The attrition rate amongst young directors had been a growing concern.  It was felt that recognition of successful teachers in their first five years might stem the problem.  Duane W. Johnson agreed to chair this committee.

3.  A commissioned work or a young composer’s competition was suggested.  The 25th anniversary committee had already done considerable work on a possible commissioned work but the cost seemed to be prohibitive?  The decision was left to the committee.  A commissioned work for the 25th anniversary of NSBA had been a subject of discussion for the past two years.  A number of composers were contacted but their fee surpassed what NSBA could afford to pay.  A motion was presented at the Convention that “NSBA not exceed $2000 to commission a new work for the Silver Anniversary.  Somehow the responsibility of selecting the person to compose a commissioned work fell upon the 25th anniversary committee.  In June of 1985, Duane E. Johnson, chair wrote to Tim Mahr the following: “As to our phone conversation, you and I agreed that you would do a five to six minute composition that would be within the capabilities of a Class B Nebraska High School.  I also state that you could run up to seven or eight minutes if it worked out better for you.  You will be paid $1500 for the commission.  The parts must be in my hands by February 1, 1986. Thus, we received the commissioned work “Argenta”.

4.  The desire to have a service band had been proposed but the committee had already explored this possibility and found none of them would be anywhere in the Nebraska area at the time.

5.  The committee had been discussing having a small brass or woodwind group appear on the program.  Several groups were discussed but the cost was prohibitive except for a Woodwind Quintet from Wisconsin. ($1,000) A straw vote was taken in favor of the woodwind quintet.

6.  The Past Presidents wanted to see the Directors’ Band returned to the program.  This would be in addition to the Intercollegiate Band and it was recommended that the directors for both bands come from the Past Presidents Council. (1 for Intercollegiate and 5 for Directors’ Band) Bob Fought agreed to take the responsibility for the Intercollegiate Band and Rod Schmidt and Bob Leigh for the Directors’ Band.

7.  It was felt there should be some “special luncheons or breakfast” for: (Byron Havlicek agreed to chair.)
a. Charter Members
b. Recipients of Don Lentz Award
c. Past Presidents

8.  The committee recommended Hastings for the 25th anniversary hoping it would attract more people from the central and western parts of the state.  A straw vote was taken and Hastings was selected as the site of the 25th Anniversary celebration.

The 25th NSBA Convention was indeed held in Hastings with many new or renewed events included in this very significant celebration.  The Directors Band was revived, a commissioned work introduced by the Intercollegiate Band, the Jack Snider “Young Band Directors Award” was initiated and presented for the first time to six young band directors and Mike Veak assembled materials for a special section of the Nebraska Music Educators Magazine commemorating this special event.  Jack Snider and Byron Havlicek hosted a luncheon for “Charter Members”, Duane E. Johnson and Bob Maag hosted a Past Presidents breakfast and Jim Johnson, as President, hosted the annual banquet.

Fifty eight Band Directors attended the Summer Marching Workshop in Columbus.  David Young continued to provide outstanding leadership with the added importance of the Nebraska State Marching Contest.  The contest had become increasingly important and in 1987, 33 AA and C bands competed at UNO while 24 A, B and D bands met at Nebraska Wesleyan University.  There would always be annual reviews of the contest and there were frequent adjustments in the rule during the early years–e.g. moving the time limit to 7-12 minutes.

The NSBA Board had added new Board Members and made changes in state-wide representation through the years because of the expanding activities of the association.  The Board now had a Membership Chair, a Public Relations Chair and a Marching Band Chair with other additions to come later. Thus, through the years there would be constant revisions of the constitution as happened in 1987.  The NSBA became officially incorporated on October 23, 1987.

Total assets were $8,846.31 to start 1987.  A directory was printed listing all the Nebraska directors, the constitution was revised again, certificates were awarded directors who had served 10 years and 15 years, and plaques awarded to those who served from 20 years on.

A Pep Band Committee was formed and a survey mailed Band Directors to study how the concept was used in each of their schools.  An end result, to come sometime in the future, would be to compile the information and share it with administrators and the NSAA. 

In 1988 the NSBA Executive Board purchased year round liability insurance that would be valid for each of the activities they sponsored throughout the year as opposed to the previous policy of insuring each event separately.  NSBA was also now incorporated.

The 1988 Marching Band Contest date was Oct. 22, Class D, C and A at UNO; Class B & AA at UNL.  Sixty bands made application with 58 actually performing.  Dale Duensing became the Competition Chair and David Young the Adjudication Chair.  The Marching Band Festival Rules were mailed to other marching contests operating in the state.  A major change took place at this point as the scoring system changed from a 1,000 point range to a 100 point system–meaning that the total score of all judges would add up to this total.  The Summer Marching Workshop was scheduled for Columbus July 8, 9 and 10.

In 1989 the Executive Board decided on a registration fee of $15.00 for the 1990 convention.  The table for the exhibits was to be $75.00.  It was decided that any director wanting his band to perform at the convention must be an NSBA member.  Roger Groth was awarded the NAJE Outstanding Jazz Educator Award.

In 1989 the finances of the association became an issue with the idea of investing in Certificates of Deposit or Money Market Accounts.  It was decided to investigate the limits or boundaries surrounding investing and how it would be affected by the IRS.  Betsey Kallstrom was appointed the first “Awards Chair”.  A motion was passed that the Intercollegiate Band no longer be a part of the NSBA Convention.  A motion was presented for the formation of an Honor Band commencing in 1990 comprised of the Nebraska students.  Bob Fought suggested that there was a need to develop a curriculum guide for all areas of band education and adopted by NSBA.

The Board voted to add a $15 registration fee for the 1990 NSBA Convention.  Directors wishing to participate in the NSBA Band Festival or the proposed Honor Band be members of NSBA. The convention was terminated on Friday evening due to inclement weather with all Saturday events cancelled.

Matters pertaining to the operation of NSBA were paramount in 1990. It was decided to transfer funds and deposit them in a Money Market Account with B.B. Christopher Securities.  Other financial matters pertained to fee structures: The fees for exhibit tables at the convention will remain at $50.00.  College and university bands participating in the Intercollegiate Band payed a $50.00 participation fee plus $1.00 per student.  The board voted to add a $15.00 registration fee to the 1991 convention.  The Intercollegiate Band was reinstated with the stipulation that the NSBA board would pay half the bill up to $750; the clinician/conductor would give two clinic sessions and the final concert be held in the time slot after the directors’ band.

Other matters concerned a review of the criteria for selection of the Don Lentz Outstanding Band Director Award and involved no changes.  The Pep Band Committee reported that it was still seeking endorsement/sanctions from groups from outside the association that could add clout to their effort.  The Board decided not to include a B-C honor band to the 1991 convention.  Ken Molzer offered a version of staggered terms for officer which would need a constitutional amendment to put it in place. 

Significant Marching Band Contest concerns were introduced by the Marching Band Chair, Dale Duensing in 1990.   The concerns expressed included the use of grass fields, providing itemized details for the host site, trying to schedule sites two years in advance, T-shirt sales, pictures (photographer and sale of pictures), rotation of classes, possibilities of a third site and ten year plaque awards.  The Summer Marching Band Workshops were held at the New World Inn in Columbus. It was announced that the Summer Workshops would be held at the New World Inn in Columbus July 11th through the 13th. 

The Awards Chair raised an issue concerning the Don Lentz award and whether non-members of NSBA were eligible with an explanation that they were not.  Concerns were expressed as to the description of the office of Awards Chair.  A motion was submitted and passed to make the Awards Chair an elective office.  Assets on hand in January 1990 were $14,473.20.   

With the advent of the Concert Band Festival, Scott Thompson submitted a proposal for a Concert Band Chair.  It was reported that 62 bands competed in the NSBA Marching Band Contest in 1992.  After considerable study and assessing the results of a questionnaire, a “Guideline for Pep Bands” was published and distributed.  Quincy Hilliard was contacted to commission a work for 21/2 to 3 levels with the inclusion that he would conduct that composition with the Intercollegiate Band.

A new policy was established allowing reimbursement of NSBA Board Members for mileage and lodging incurred at the NMEA Convention.  A stipulation was attached reading “as long as the treasury remains fiscally sound.”  A dues increase for 1992-93 was approved at the March 1992 Convention.

The 1993 Convention was held at UNO.  The Marching Band Chair reported that additional hash marks would have to be inserted at NCAA sites as the NCAA had moved to marking fields the same as Professional Football.  The Marching Band Committee continued to evaluate procedures and holding to standards.
The initial Concert Band Festival was scheduled for May 14, 1994 at Kimball Hall in Lincoln with Bob Krueger as chair. Three bands were to be selected from each class plus eight bands at large—bringing the total to 20 bands.  The format was to be as follows: 1. a pool of tapes was to be gathered
             2.  To be reviewed by an out-of-state judge
             3.  Those submitting a tape would receive a written evaluation
             4.  The philosophy is that it shall be an educationally sound experience for participating bands

Further Board action in 1993 included a number of decisions surrounding future conventions.  The Directors Band was to be discontinued in 1994 and revived again in 1995.  The Quincy Hilliard commission was abandoned.  The financial support for the Intercollegiate Band was increased to $600.  The Pershing Committee donated $824.00 toward a commissioned work for NSBA.  Roland Barrett will compose a grade 3-1/2 Concert March to be called “Pershing”.  There was another revision of the By-Laws.  Byron Braasch, Marching Band Chair, reported that a Special Committee had reviewed requests for site changes and competing out-of-class

The Executive Board had established that 10 year plaques should be awarded to schools having participated 10 Years in the State Marching Contest.  The awards were presented to Fremont, Omaha Westside, Schuyler, Fairbury, Tri-County, Lincoln Southeast, Beatrice, Waverly, North Bend and Rising City at the UNO and Millard South Sites during the 1993 Contest. 35 bands participated at Millard South and 26 Bands at UNO.

The Executive Board began 1994 with a number of issues to be resolved.  A change in the Constitutional By-Laws was introduced regarding the office of Treasurer.  They were: that the Treasurer’s books be reviewed annually, that an appointed committee be charged with the review and that the treasurer make all pertinent materials available. 

The selection of Honor Bands for the Convention centered on the frequency of appearances.  The Board decided that a band selected to perform for the Convention would be restricted from being able to play again for a period of two years.  The issue of a request from a Jazz Ensemble or a Middle School from the same school district needed to be resolved.  It was decided to have the selection committee make the determination but keeping in mind the frequency of appearances.

The Board approved the “Old West” Marching Band Festival in Scottsbluff as a third NSBA site.  It was to be called the “NSBA Old West Marching Band Festival” and be allowed to stay on the second Saturday of October.  Guidelines were also set for bands submitting tapes for the Concert Band Festival.  Bands selected would be awarded plaques for their participation.  A proposal was formulated to make the Concert Band Chair an official member of the NSBA Executive Board.  This was to be presented to the membership at the next Convention.  The Roland Barrett Commission was tabled.

The evaluation and preparation of judges for their adjudication was always a major function of the Marching Band Committee.  Other procedures and site concerns were always addressed as well.

In 1997 the Concert Band Chair officially became an elected member of the NSBA Executive Board.  Matt Sheppard presented the revised NSBA Pep Band guidelines.  Matt and Linda Donohue had attended a Nebraska State Board of Secondary Principals, gave a presentation, and asked for their support.  After several follow-up meetings the NSASSP submitted a support statement which was condensed and used as a preface for the rationale of the NSBA Pep Band guidelines.  A mailing was sent to all directors, administrators and activity directors.  After expenses were paid for the Convention, Summer Marching Workshop and the Concert Band Festival, Chris Tucker gave a summary of NSBA assets.  Monies were in a Money Market account and CD’s, and checking for a total of $40,236.65.

The 1997 Marching Contest was to be held October 25th at Omaha Northwest and Bellevue West.  Jay Gilbert made a recommendation that the conductor’s fee for the Intercollegiate Band be increased from $1,000 to $1,200 and received affirmative support from the Executive Board.  Deb Jenkins was continuing to work on a NSBA membership handbook.

The 1998 March Convention incurred a net loss of $5,841.23.  The NSBA Concert Band Festival had 18 Bands involved.  Concern was voiced dealing with bands that were delinquent with performance fees.  Deb Jenkins, Membership Chair, expressed concern that there had been a pronounced drop in membership from Class D Schools. 

Chris Tucker, treasurer, suggested having other officer’s names on the checks and other band records that could access funds if needed.  Chris also suggested changing the fiscal year operations in the by-laws.  She reported total assets of $38,600.266.  The organization of a charter chapter of Phi Beta Mu was becoming a reality.  The Summer Marching Workshop was scheduled for Grand Island.  Deb Jenkins reported the membership as 295 compared to 287 in 1996-97.

In 1999 Deb Jenkins reported that the number of members is really pretty constant with the only drop being in Class D.  Memberships were expected to grow with the registration of the Intercollegiate Band members.  She had also completed the director’s directory.  Rex Barker reported that the new alignment of classes had gone well.  He cautioned everyone to be careful of copyright rules.  He explained that tote sheets would be given only to those directors who share their scores.

Linda Donohue gave an update on the commissioning project for the 40th anniversary of NSBA.  Money had been set aside for four years for this project. The plan was to have Andrew Boysen do the commission tune. Rex Barker gave an update on the Andrew Boysen commission at the November Board meeting.  The cost of the commission was to be $5,000.  He was asked to write a tune of 5-7 minutes in length that would be performed by the Intercollegiate Band. Mark Irvin was appointed by Byron Braasch to fill the position of Concert Band Chair.  Chris Tucker had been interim chair.

There was a concern expressed that NSBA met at the same time as the American Bandmasters Association Convention, making it difficult to secure clinicians. Chris announced the April I, 2000 date and the clinicians.  There was to be no more judging of tapes and all fees due at one time.  Dave Young, Marching Band Chair, recapped the Marching Contest for the past four years.  The 2000 date was announced.  He reported that there had been no infractions, that the judging was very good with a positive feedback from the judges. 

Ky Hascall reported on the initial Middle School Honor Band. There were 72 schools with 348 students participating with 80 students selected.  Each student was to be given an award certificate for the event.

A decision was made in 2001 to stagger the CD’s.  The CD’s would be 3, 6, and 12 month with the interest being placed in the checking account.  It was also decided to cap off the current Money Market Account at $30,000 and put dividends into checking.  It was decided that retired directors would pay a $10.00 registration fee.  Larry MacTaggart signed a contract for a commission for 2006 in the amount of $3,000.  This composition is to be grade 3, 6-7 minutes long and be called “Niobrara River Festival”.  The Board agreed to finance a $750 research trip to Nebraska.  Net assets were listed as $89,220.99.  Exhibit fees were set as $150 for the first table and $100 for each additional table.

The Marching Band Contest was held October 20.  Dave Young announced forthcoming changes which included a change to six judges instead of four.  There was a motion to have a Chief Judge at each of the sites but it was amended to hire two judges to begin training in state contests.  It was proposed and accepted that a NSBA representative will collect all the gate money with the board sending 15% to the host sites.   Directors and assistants at the sites must be members of NSBA.  It was decided that effective in 2002 copyright authorization would be required. The Summer Convention was held at New World Inn, Columbus, and July 11-13.  There was no registration fee for the Summer Workshops.  The NSBA now had a web page up and working.  Larry MacTaggart agreed to move his commission work up to 2003.

Total assets at the start of 2002 were $89,907.54.  The board was attempting to find the money to cover the cost of the Navy Band.  Upfront costs included $6,100 for the use of the Lied Center.  The Heartland Arts Fund awarded NSBA a $5,000 grant to help sponsor the Dallas Brass.  The NSBA Marching Contest was scheduled for October 25.  A new 3 year contract was negotiated with the New World Inn in Columbus for July 10-12, 2003; July 8-10, 2004 and July 7-9 in 2005.  The Middle School Honor Band was held January 19, 2002.  The concert Band Festival was held Saturday, April 13.

Other board considerations were the establishment of an Academic Achievement Award.  A time slot was established for Community Bands with the intent that they follow the audition procedure of other bands.  The board was asked to be present during the Class C and D All-State Bands. Ky Hascall reported that the Middle School Honor Band had 76 schools submitting 423 auditions, selecting 82 members and 23 alternates.  At the forefront of the board meeting was the tragedy that struck the Seward H.S. Band.

Of concern with the Executive Board was the possibility of the NSAA taking over the Marching Contest.  The board met with Jim Tenopir from NSAA to express their concerns.  The board eventually turned every aspect of it down.

The 2003 Marching Festival was held on Saturday, October 25.  The date for the 2004 Marching Contest was announced as October 23, 2004, October 22 in 2005 and October 21 in 2006.   Numerous rules changes were presented to the board in the Marching Chair’s report. The 2003 Concert Festival was held on April 12 2003.  The 2004 Concert Band Festival is set for April 17.  The eighth grade Honor Band will be held January 17, 2004 at UNK.  Larry MacTaggart’s commission will be performed under his baton.  

The 2006 commission was awarded to Keith Davis.  This will be a grade 5 commission five to seven minutes long for a flat fee of $5,000.  Jim Saker is updating the NSBA Solo/Ensemble book with NSBA paying for the printing.  Judges salaries were increased to $400 for both the Marching Contest and Concert Festival. David Young will continue as Webmaster, the Boulevard Big Band has been booked for the NSBA March Convention.

The 2004 board approved the hiring of Ron Hardin to do a training session for Judges the Saturday before the State Marching Contest.  The intent was that it was to be for all persons judging marching bands in Nebraska.  NMDEA reported that they were cutting the NSBA scholarships from $400 to $350, the $600 NMEA student grant to $550 and the NMEA student teaching grant to $350.  Total assets were listed as $85,502.82 at the beginning of the year. 

Plans for the 2005 opening convention concert featured the “Heartland of America Band”.  Michael Story was in charge of the Concert Band Reading at the Summer Workshop.  Wingert-Jones hosted the Jazz Band Reading session.  Jay Gilbert conducted the All-State 8th grade band.  Bill Winkle volunteered to take on the project of updating the recommended music list.  The plan is to revise it every four years.  The proposal for a NSBA Jazz Festival, suggested by R.J. Meteer, failed.

The January 8th, 2005, Executive Board Meeting opened with a call for approval of the minutes of the previous meeting. Joann Couton, Treasurer, gave the Treasurer’s report.

Marching Band Contest
Income $58,478.00 with more checks yet to come
Expenses $26,178.09
Net Gain $30,304.91

NSBA Association
Income         $ 4,963.63
Expenses      $ 2,922.57
Total Assets ,$81,474.66 (Checking Account & CD’s)
CD for Intercollegiate Band Commission $5,335.02
A motion was offered by Larry and seconded by Michelle to accept the Treasurer’s report.
Joanne will have an accountant file a 1099 form with the IRS—Board approved.

Dave Young, Marching Band Chair, reported that the next contest would be held October 22, 2005.  Admission prices would be $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students (junior high through college).  The entry fee will be $125.00 and each judge will be paid $400 for the day.  Host schools will be subsidized with 15% of the gate plus $1300 to run the contest.

There was discussion concerning copyright compliance.  It was decided that the NSBA President will notify the school 2 weeks ahead of time concerning the copyright compliance not being met.  There will be a formal letter sent via certified mail with copies sent to the principal and AD at the school.  The Board will accept proof of compliance until the Friday before the contest.  The NSBA President will call any director not in compliance on the Friday before the contest and inform them that they will not be allowed to perform.  Band Directors are to be given this information at the marching band meeting in March. It is also to be included in instructions sent to directors prior to the contest.

The Board discussed the history of the NSBA Commission Projects.  Cathy presented a proposal that the Chair of Middle School be responsible for setting up a committee to help select the next grade 2-3 composer every 3 Years.  A second proposal was made for the president-elect to be responsible for the grade 4-5 commission pieces.

The board discussed whether the commissioned pieces should be housed with Historian, Duane E. Johnson.  Deb suggested that they should remain in possession of the Pres-Elect and travel with the person through their term.  All previous commissioned works needed to be tracked down.

Bill Winkle planned to have the Recommended Music List done in March and it will need to be printed.  Marilyn will take care of the printing.

NMEA Convention Reimbursements were discussed.  Currently, 1 hotel night, Mileage (If not reimbursed by the school district) and 2 meals are reimbursed for the NSBA meeting during the NMEA Convention.  After discussion, it was decided to change the wording regarding mileage to “round trip”.  Board members may be reimbursed for all expenses incurred for attending the Thursday afternoon NSBA meeting if not reimbursed by individual school districts or by another organization.  Dick moved and Carola seconded a motion to accept—motion carried.

Term limits of Board Members were discussed.  There is currently no term limit for any office other than President.  The treasurer’s position is one that should be considered for extended terms due to the legality of the position.

Dave presented some developmental ideas for the NSBA website.  A motion was offered by Cathy to have an appointed chair on our board to be webmaster and that Dave Young be appointed.  This would be a non-voting position with all expenses paid. Seconded by Larry—Motion passed!

At the March 3, 2005 Executive Board Meeting, President Cathy Keiser called for the reading of the minutes.  Dave wanted the minutes to reflect that an officer had asked to run again and was denied the opportunity.  It was decided that this issue would be discussed later so the acceptance of the minutes was postponed to the end of the meeting.

President, Cathy Keiser, reported that everything was in place for the convention.  She also reported that the Heartland of America Band concert on Thursday would be free and open to the public.  She announced that Keith Davis had been contracted to compose the 2006 commission piece.  She reviewed the process for further selection of commission pieces.

President Elect, Dick Marolf, reported that Barry Kopetz was to be the composer/clinician for the summer band convention.  He would like to do a survey of the membership at this convention to determine the areas of interest for those attending the conventions.

Joann Couton, Treasurer, brought up the liability insurance that is needed for the city of Columbus.  Dick was to give her the contract information so that she can send proof of insurance.  Joann followed this with her Treasurer’s report:  Totals were:
Income: $ 8,781.25
Expenses: $10, 997.73
Total Assets: $84,565.83
Cathy moved to accept and Carola seconded—Motion passed

Financial Report of the 8th Grade Allstate Band
Income: $3,840
Expenses: $3,686.17
Net Gain:   $153.83

Joann reported that NSBA makes money on the Marching Band Contest and the 8th grad Allstate but loses money on the March Convention, Concert Band Festival, Summer Convention and the Boot Camp.  Membership Chair, Jim Kordik reported that NSBA had 144 in 2004 and 154 in 2005.
Carola Winkle, Public Relations Chair, expressed concern that no candidate or band was selected from outside of the Lincoln/Omaha area.  She said there are poor feelings from the membership in the Panhandle Area.  It is expensive for them to come to NSBA events and they don’t feel included as part of the organization.

Dave Young, Marching Band Chair, noted that it is approximately $1000 more expensive to have UNL host as there is the cost of the press box, etc.  There was discussion on the issue and the question was asked---“Should it be a board decision or a marching band decision.

Term limits of board members were discussed:  The board agreed that the Nominating Committee has to have an opportunity to nominate those they believe would be the best candidates for the job.  It was pointed out that it is sometimes difficult to get members to run for office if the incumbent is running as it is assumed the incumbent will win. Dave asked the board to make a decision about incumbent board members wanting to run for an additional term to avoid any misunderstandings.

After a discussion by the board, Marilyn suggested that the President-Elect send out an email to all board members asking for names of individuals they would like considered as candidates to run for office and those names be returned to the President-Elect only.  After the deadline, the President-Elect would email all names to board members and ask for input on the list of names compiled.  Cathy said that it will ultimately be the Nominating Committee that makes the decision but, by using this method, the board will have input on all names considered for election.

The March 5 General Business Meeting, was called to order by President, Cathy Keiser.  The minutes from the 2004 convention were presented for approval.  Roger Thaden moved and Dick Keiser seconded the motion to approve the minutes.—motion passed.  President Keiser reported on the clinic sessions and presented an overview of how future commissioning projects would be handled.  She thanked the membership for an opportunity to serve.

President-Elect, Dick Marolf presented the slate of officers.
Chris Tucker and Jim Schulz for President-Elect
Byron Braasch and Brady Rohlfs for Marching Band Chair
Jody Lindquist and Jeff Mount for Membership Chair

Treasurer, Joann Couton, presented the Treasurer’s report.  Jim Johnson moved and Brian Anderson seconded a motion to approve the minutes.—motion passed.

Marching Band Chair, Dave Young, presented issues that had been discussed in the marching band meeting:

To allow bands to get into the stadium in their 90 seconds but be limited to the end zone nearest the entry point”.  It was decided the decision be left to the site chairman

Recommend that the penalty for entrance or exit violations be changed from 5 point to 2 points.  During the Marching Band meeting, the members voted for no change.

There was a question about increasing ticket prices to attend the contest.  It was pointed out that the Marching Band Contest funds everything else that NSBA spends money on the remainder of the year.

All names the director submits will be listed in the Contest Program.  NSBA Membership is only mandatory for the head director.  Cathy mentioned that the assistant director should be a member as well.

Duane E. Johnson reported that for all practical purposes, the book is done.  He announced a goal of June 1 to have it finished.  No decision had been made on how the book would be published.

The March 5th wrap up meeting was called to order by new President, Dick Marolf.  Treasurer, Joan Couton, reviewed what expenses are covered and not covered for the NSBA board.  The expense sheets include mileage, parking, meals and any other convention expenses incurred by board members.  There are meal allowances for the day but they have not been strictly enforced.  She pointed out that no alcoholic beverages are to be included in receipts. $40.5 is allowed for mileage.

The question was asked:  “Do we pay for the hotel room for the family of the Lentz Award winner”?  Dave suggested that when we book rooms, we should also reserve a room for Friday night for the Family. Larry suggested it would be very nice to provide dinner for the family when they are waiting out of sight for the award.  Dave moved we reserve a room and that NSBA should pay for an extra room if needed.  Seconded by Larry—Motion passed.

The need for two tables for the NSBA booth was discussed as it is presently quite crowded.  The board approved the addition of a table.

Regarding the Jack Snider Award, Deb reported that currently the nominee solicits letters of support for themselves.  She felt that the person that nominates should solicit these letters instead.  This should not have to be done by the nominee.  Deb and Larry will contact the Past Presidents Council and NMEA to see what these organizations do for their awards.  Perhaps the name of the winner shouldn’t be kept a secret to allow for family and friends to attend the awards presentation.  The discussion was tabled for the July board meeting.

The July 7, 2005 Executive Board Meeting opened with the reading of the minutes from the March meeting.  The minutes were approved with the exception of the old business section and the section concerning summer convention registration fees.  Joann moved and Jim seconded a motion that they be accepted as stated.

Corporate sponsors for the Summer Convention are J. W. Pepper/Wingert-Jones, New World Inn, Dietze Music, Schmitt Music, Gordon Bernard Publishing, Deli International, and Music Teacher’s Supply.  Other group sponsors and providers listed were the Seward community Band, Phi Beta Mu and NMEA.

Dick reported that the Holiday Inn Downtown would be the convention hotel for the 2006 March convention.  The National Guard Band will play for the Thursday evening performance.

Treasurer, Joanne Couton, presented her report.
Total Income:  $26,915.97
Total expenses: $36,312.70
Total assets: $69,872.43

Cathy moved and Michelle seconded the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.—motion passed.

Annual March Convention Financial Report
Total income:  $11,667.00
Total expenses: $24,441.49
Net loss: $12,774.49

Concert Band Festival Report
Total income: $ 2,250.00
Total expenses: $ 4,262.60
Net Loss: $ 2,012.60

Jeff Mount, Membership Chair, reported 209 members registered but it should increase at this convention and also to have students to audition for the 8th grade All State event...

Chris Johnson, Middle School Chair, proposed raising the participation fee per student.  Expenses were expected to me more the next year due to an out-of-state clinician.  Larry moved and Chris seconded a motion to increase the participation fee from $22.50 to $25.00 to cover the cost.—motion passed.

Under New Business, Dick announced that NSBA’s non-profit status expired in the spring as our agent has moved out-of-state.  Dick appoint Chris Tucker to be our new agent and nonprofit status has been restored.

Jim feels that all candidates should be told the results of the election in a small meeting immediately following the close of balloting rather than in a public open forum. The board agreed and it will be put on the convention schedule.

At the November 17, 2005, Executive Board meeting, President Dick Marolf updated the board with the March clinic schedule.  The board discussed the schedule and suggested modifications to the proposed activities.

Treasurer, Joann Couton presented the Treasurer’s report.  Her report included everything paid from the summer convention and the Marching Band contest.  She reported that NSBA was behind about $3000 from the previous year, Poor weather hurt the income at the Marching Band contest.

Treasurer’s Report
Total Income $53,609.21
Total Expenses $44,190.82
Summary of Accounts (Checking & CD’s) $81,295.16
Chris Johnson moved and Larry Rathbun seconded a motion to approve the minutes---Motion passed.

Concert Band Festival Report
Total Income: $2,250.00
Total Expenses: $5,812.60
Net Loss: $3,562.00

Summer Convention Financial Report:
Total Dues $  225.00
Total Income $2,774.95
Total Expenses $9,761.94
Net Loss $6,986, 99

Boot Camp Expenses $857.60

Marching Band contest Financial Report:
Total Income $48,595.36 – to date
Total Expenses $24,987.47
Total net gain $23,607.89

Joann reported that at least $6500 more will be coming in that is guaranteed.

Duane E. Johnson and Bob Maag addressed the board concerning the History Book.  Duane had a rough draft of the book for the board to see.  Phil Fahrlander is doing the cover.  It has eight chapters which include a prelude to our early history, formation and organization of NSBA, past & present officers, awards, profile of Nebraska bands, contests and festivals and community bands past and present.

The proposal is to spiral bind the book.  Duane has a price of $1020.60 from a printer he prefers to use in Hastings.  This is for 300 books which will include pictures.  The printing can start January 2.  Cathy moved and Carola seconded a motion to approve payment for the history book.  The 300 figure was discussed and Larry moved and Chris seconded a motion to increase the number to 500.

Membership Chair, Jeff Mount reported that as mid-November the membership numbered 271.  He stated that there are 300 names in the database.  It was suggested that an update of the database was in order as members have died or moved out of state.

Marching Band Chair, Byron Braasch reported on the highlights of the 2005 Marching Contest.  A total of 59 bands competed.  Attendance was down due to the weather the same due to the increase in the admission price.

Middle School Chair, Chris Johnson reported that 76 schools had submitted 382 audition tapes.  82 honor band members and 23 alternates were selected from 37 schools.

The board was reminded in July of changes made in the presentation of awards.  The Lentz award will be kept secret until announced at the banquet.  The Jack Snider awards winners will be notified ahead of time.

Dick Marolf moved and Jim Schulz seconded a motion to have access to all NSBA board minutes prior to November 2005.

The January 7, 2006 Executive Board meeting was opened with the President’s Report with issues surrounding the upcoming convention.  Jim and Dick had talked about the duplication/redundancy of a middle school class rep at the convention and suggested that maybe the Middle School Chair should be he representative.  Following discussion, Jim Schulz moved and Cathy Keiser seconded a motion that the middle school representative position be eliminated, and that the Middle School Chair on the Executive Board assume the responsibility.  The motion passed with one “no” vote.

President-Elect, Jim Schulz, presented the candidates for office:
Secretary:  Becky Wilhelm, Norris Middle School and Marla Janak, Platteview HS
Awards:    Andy Walters, Papillion-LaVista H.S and Bryan Regier, McCook H.S.
Pres. Elect:  Stan Johnson, Shickley H.S. and Neal Schnoor, UNK

Duane E. Johnson and Bob Maag gave an update of the progress on the book.  Corrections and additions have been noted and corrected.  Byron Braasch moved and Larry Rathbun seconded a motion to have the cover white with a blue boarder and font.

The Treasurer’s report was presented.  Larry Rathbun moved and Michelle Bluford seconded a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report.

Marching Band Chair, Byron Braasch, reported that the Marching Band contest is set for October 21st.  The deadline for hosting is February 17th.  Contest rules have been cleaned up and the board has copies of the report.  Changes were noted and are as follows:

Entry fee is $125.00, Class D moved off a AA site, judges location changed, adopted that the band had to enter from the end zone, the announcer no longer states that there was a penalty assessed and if there is an electronic equipment breakdown it is the director’s/school responsibility.

Cathy Keiser offered an update of the Commission Project.  There was a wrong date but that has been corrected. Music has been collected from some of the commission piece.  The cost is $5000 for the 2006 commission piece that will be performed by the Intercollegiate Band.

At the March 2, 2005 Executive Board Meeting Carola brought forth a concern the members of the Intercollegiate band received the commissioned piece only three days before the first rehearsal, giving them only three days to prepare. Dick moved and Joanne seconded that as part of the job description the music must be received no later than one month prior to the NSBA Convention.  The motion passed.

Jim Schultz reported that the emphasis on Thursday night at the summer convention will be on Jazz and also the first session of the color guard. Robert Shelton is to be the guest clinician.

The board decided to add an additional Executive meeting to the summer convention on Weds, July 5.  Jim asked that board reports be distributed a full week ahead of time and would like agenda items submitted via email. He also requested an updated job description.

Treasurer, Joann Couton, reported that the total assets (Checking accounts and CD totals) were $79,878.87.

Michelle Bluford reported that the Concert Band Festival will again be at UNO on Saturday, April 8.  Chris Johnson reported that the 8th grade All-State went really well.

Bob Maag, Duane E. Johnson and Phil Fahrlander will be presented the Distinguished Service Award. There is to be a Directory update.  Class representatives will be taken off and posted on the Web Page.  Marching Band rules, by-laws, etc., will be eliminated and put on the website. 

Cathy Keiser noted that there is a decline in the number of tapes being submitted for the March Convention.  There were only 10 tapes this year.  There is a current policy of allowing an ensemble to perform once every three years.  She asked if this should be turned around and allow for “every two years” instead of three.  There was plenty of discussion but no decision reached.

Chris Johnson asked for a clarification of Middle School Chair. Chris pointed out that all the other reps are elected by members in their class for a 1 year term. He pointed out that all of the other reps are elected by members in their class for a 1 year term.  If we change this, the Middle Level Rep will be elected by the entire membership for a 3 year term.  Results of vote:  7 in favor – 3 opposed.

An addition motion was made by Chris that there shall be 8 elected class representative:  AA, A, B, C, D west, D east, middle level and college/university. Seconded by Michelle.  Dick asked that it be on the ballot for amendments.

JoAnn says ratification is needed by the general membership on action taken by the Executive Board to raise the dues to $35 effective January 7, 2006.  Motion by JoAnn seconded by Carola – motion passed.

Cathy stated that the fiscal year of the Corporation shall end on the last day of the month of February annually. (the by-laws state the fiscal year as ending in December). Dick moved and Cathy seconded that we present this to the membership for the change in by-laws.  Motion passed.
President-Elect Jim Schultz announced in the March 4th General Business Meeting that, next year, the convention will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel. The contract with the Holiday Inn expired in 2006.  Display and conference rooms will be in the Embassy Suites ballroom.

Joann Couton reported that the board had about $3000 less than where they were a year ago.  Byron Braasch reported that there were 49 at the marching band meeting on Friday.  The sites for next fall’s competition will be: A, B, C, and D at UNK and ClassAA at Seacrest Field.  Michelle Bluford reported that twelve bands will participate in this year’s Concert Band Festival at UNO.  Participation is down due to it being an ACT weekend.

Dave Young reported that his new position has been a struggle but he has enjoyed the challenge.  Dave requested programs of concerts given in Nebraska to put online so others can see what music is being performed.

Erica Neidlinger reported that directors have discussed revamping the system of the Intercollegiate Band including how it is organized, the timeline, etc.  Sam Zitek will be the new representative.

Deb Jenkins reported that the nominating process for the Jack Snider Award has now changed and is now similar to the Don Lentz Award.  Experienced directors were encouraged to nominate and collect letters of recommendation and send the letters to Deb.  She noted that too many great people are being overlooked,

The Past President’s Council held their normal breakfast meeting.  Brian thanked Duane E. Johnson and Bob Maag for their work on the History Book. Bob and Duane reported that it was a meaningful experience for them. Duane noted that they were sure there were things that they missed but noted that the book recognizes the excellence of the leadership of NMEA.

Dick Marolf reported that it was unconstitutional to raise the annual dues without a vote of the membership.  Joann Couton said the 11% of our budget comes from our dues with the remainder coming from the marching band contest that we host.  She would like to see dues raised $10 per year.  Mark Jones moved that we raise the current dues for annual membership to the Nebraska State Bandmasters Association to $35—seconded by Keith Byrkit.  Linda Donohue questioned whether $35 per year is enough.  Mark Jones amended his motion to raise the dues to $50 per year, seconded by Eric Fahrlander. A vote was taken with a show of hands—53 needed to pass—57 voting yes.  Motion passed!

President, Dick Marolf made a motion to change our bylaws to read: The fiscal year of the Corporation shall end on the last day of the month of February annually.  Seconded by Chris Tucker—motion passed.

At the summer Executive Board meeting in Columbus, Treasurer Joann Couton offered and update on allotted expenses for meals and travel.  Allotted meal allowances are $40 per diem.  The President-Elect will receive $1200 to travel to any out-of-state convention during the 3 yr term.  Comparisons of income and expenses by year of the March Convention and Concert Band Festival were presented.  Comparisons of total assets over the last 6 years were offered. Jim suggested this be given to the membership at the next annual meeting.  Neal said we should also do a comparison of expenditures to present.  The treasurer’s report was presented with a checking account balance of $19, 227.63 and certificates of deposit totaling $45, 057.22.

Jeff Mount reported that the green registration cards have been updated.  Membership is up a little from last year.  There was discussion on whether intercollegiate band members should count in the student member total.  Members of the intercollegiate band pay $3.00 of which $1.00 of that is supposed to pay their student membership dues. Not all of the intercollegiate band members fill out a membership card so it was recommended that a board member attend a rehearsal and have them fill out their membership cards.

Erica Neidlinger clarified that the Intercollegiate Band is not organized by the Collegiate Chair.  The Collegiate Class Rep organizes the Intercollegiate Band and it rotates each year to a new persons.  The NSBA does pay the clinician.

Erica Neidlinger presented the possibility of a Middle School Concert Band Festival.  It was discussed that middle school bands could be allowed to participate at the current High School Concert Band Festival.  It was decided to try this out in March 2007.  Next year the possibility of east/west concert band sites can be examined.

Dave Young presented an overview of the website.  The website contains information about current events as well as archival information.

Marilyn Godby proposed that the exhibit fees increase by $25.00 due to the move to the Embassy.  Joann Couton made a motion, seconded by Chris Johnson, to raise the exhibit fees, effective at the March 2007 convention, to $150.00 for the 1st,  2nd, 3rd booth; $175.00 for the 1st booth if not a 2006 NMEA Exhibitor: $25.00 for electrical; and $15.00 for NSBA membership.  The motion passed.

Marilyn proposed a refund fee of $50.00 instead of the $30.00. Joann Couton moved and Chris Johnson seconded by Bryan Regier, to raise the refund fee to $50.00 instead of $30.00 for cancellations after February 15.  The motion passed.

At the November 2006 Executive Board meeting, Joann Couton reported that Associate members dues have increased from $10.00 to $15.00 with the early-bird special of $10.00.  The president now has $1,200.00 to use once in 3 years to attend conventions.  Other officers have $600.00 to use once during their 3 year term. The Treasurer’s report was presented with a checking account balance of $19,964.57 and certificates of deposits totaling $45, 113.70.  Joann proposed that we cash in the rest of our travel CD to cover costs when needed and that board try to postpone using their $600 stipends if possible and be mindful of expenses.  Dick Marolf moved, and seconded by Carola Winkle that the treasurer’s report be approved as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.
President-Elect Neal Schnoor reported that the summer convention is designed to save money.  More in-state clinicians will be presenting and there will be no extra night at the hotel for the board.

Middle Level, Chair Chris Johnson reported that the commissioned work by Ky Hascall has been finished for the 2007 8th Grade All-State Band.  It is titled “Follow the Sun.”  The Great Platte River Archway Museum will have a special opening on Friday night with special rates for students, parents, & directors.  The commissioned composer and director for the 2010 8th Grade All-State Band will be John O’Reilly

Dave Young stated that our domain name is up on Dec. 27.  The cost is $15 a year.  Dave proposed that we move our domain name from Network Solutions to the company that hosts our site,  The domain name is free.  No vote was considered necessary.

R.J. Meteer asked the board to draft a formal letter in support of a NSAA proposal that will allow band members to attend state final events for free.  Dick Marolf moved, and  Neal Schnoor, that the executive board of NSBA submit a letter of endorsement in support of Proposal for Change in NSAA Regulations as proposed by Craig Jacobson of Lincoln North Star.  The motion carried unanimously.

At the NSBA Executive Board Meeting on January 6, 2007, President Jim Schulz reported that all clinicians for the convention are in place.  The newsletter will go out in January, the Platte River Archway Museum is hosting the NSBA 8th Grade All-State students and their parents, by-law changes will be reported to the membership at the March convention, and the Jack Snider tribute is back on track.  Board reports should be sent to Becky Wilhelm by February 1.

Joann Couton offered a financial report.  There was discussion whether NSBA should continue to purchase and sell medals for the State Marching Contest.  Dick Marolf moved and Erica Neidlinger seconded the motion to stop purchasing medals for the State Marching Contest. Dick Marolf amended his motion to include selling off the existing stock the next year.  The treasurer’s report showed a checking balance of $21, 388.08 and certificates of deposit totaling $45, 266.74.

A discussion of Web Page Links transpired as to what links it would and would not include.  A motion by Becky Wilhelm including an amendment by Dick Marolf read as follows:  “NSBA limit its link listings on the website to only band-related music organizations, NSEA, and NSAA.”  The motion passed unanimously.

Marilyn Godby agreed to take care of the hospitality for the Exhibits.  She asked the board to consider offering valet parking to some of the board members during the convention.  Dick Marolf moved and Jim Schulz seconded a motion that valet parking should be provided for the exhibit chair and the membership chair.  Neal Schnoor offered an amendment that valet parking be provided for three board members without specifying who those people should be.  The motion passed unanimously.

At the March 2nd, 2007 Executive Board Meeting Jim Schulz reviewed the decision to cancel the convention due to the snow storm. UNL closed on Thursday so Kimball was not available.  The Navy Band was stuck in Chicago.  Jim showed the Jack Snider tribute video.  Jim suggested continuing this project and interview other people in the state.

Concert Band Chair, Erica Neidlinger reported there are now 16 bands performing at the Concert Band Festival.  Three of the sixteen are middle school bands.

Due to the “act of God” clause in the contract, there were no charges for Thursday.  The association was only charged 50% of all charges for Friday which included box lunches, banquet, exhibit booths, and the room block for Friday.  The final cost for the Embassy was $5, 809.66.

Carola Winkle moved and Chris Johnson seconded a motion to pay all the clinicians their contracted fees. The motion passed.  Marilyn Godby proposed and exhibit refund.  Dick Marolf, seconded by Carola Wiinkle moved that Marilyn be allowed Marilyn and Dick to draft and execute a proposal for an exhibit refund.  The motion passed.

The constitution says that officers must be elected at the business meeting of the general membership.  It was decided a ballot would be mailed. Byron Braasch moved and Becky Wilhelm seconded a motion “that we mail a letter ballot with the slate of officers and space for write-in candidates to the eligible voting members of  2006 and 2007 and qualify the election at a special April 14 meeting”—motion passed.

Becky Wilhelm moved and Joann Couton seconded a motion that Neal, Marilyn and Jim meet with the Embassy staff t to negotiate a two year contract for the 2008 & 2009 March conventions—the motion passed unanimously.
At the NSBA General Meeting at UNO on Saturday, April 14, the election results of the mail ballot were announced.  90 ballots were returned.  The bylaws state that the election must be qualified at a special business meeting—this particular meeting qualifying as one.  Jim Saker moved and Lance Nielsen seconded, to qualify the election results & accept the ballots as they were cast.  The motion passed unanimously.  The New officers are President-Elect, Larry Rathbun; Treasurer, Joann Couton; Public Relations, Erin Beave; Middle Level Chair, Dan Irvin.

The Executive Board met on July 5, in Columbus, during the summer convention.  Treasurer, Joann Couton offered the following report.  After the March Convention, 25 members asked for refunds & 30 exhibitors as ked for full or partial refunds.  The financial loss for the March convention was comparable to previous years even though the convention was cancelled.  Jim Schulz suggested dividing the Embassy expenses to show the cancellation fees separate from the room costs on the treasurer’s report.  Becky Wilhelm moved and Jim Schulz seconded to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously!

The scholarship selection committee asked if they could give two Palensky Scholarships. Bryan Reiger moved and Becky Wilhelm, that the NSBA award two Palensky Scholarships.  The motion was defeated. 

Dave Young offered a proposal regarding the sharing of marching contest gate receipts between the two sites. Neal Schnoor moved and R.J. Metteer seconded a motion “that 15% of total gate receipts be split equally between the two host sites. (The motion passed)  Byron Braasch moved and Joann Couton moved that the splitting the revenue would not go into effect until October 2008. (The motion passed unanimously)  R. J. Metteer moved, seconded by Bryan Reiger a motion “that applicants must be willing to host either site when applying to host the marching contest.”  After discussion by the board, RJ Metteer withdrew the motion and Brian Reiger his second. 

Neal Schnoor moved and Becky Wilhelm seconded a motion “that the secretary prepare copies of the NSBA minutes for archiving and coordinate with Duane Johnson to see the archiving is completed by March 2008. (Motion passed)

The election process was discussed concerning voting and attendance at the annual convention.  It was felt that the election process could be more democratic and representative if ballots are mailed to all members prior to the March meeting.  Neal Schnoor moved and RJ Metteer seconded a motion “that the board amend the NSBA’s election process and proceed by mail vote prior to the annual convention with the constitution being amended accordingly.”  After discussion by the board, Neal withdrew the motion and RJ withdrew his second.

Neal Schnoor moved and Becky Wilhelm seconded a proposal that NSBA’S constitution be changed to(1) more accurately reflect current configuration of class representatives and (2) change incorrect wording/number of officers which has been in place for years.  The proposed change would be as follows.  1. There shall be seven elected class representatives: AA, A, B, C, D, Elementary/Middle Level and College/University.  Class representatives are not officers.  (The motion passed to present the proposed constitution change to the membership with 6 voting yes, 2 voting no and one abstention.)  The motion for the proposed constitution must be in the secretary’s board report for the general meeting in March

At the November 15 board, meeting Larry Rathbun, President-Elect reported that he has been working on the menu for the banquet during the March convention.  He asked for input regarding the limit that should be for cost per person.  Neal informed the board we need to be ready to evaluate how holding the convention at the Embassy goes and decide whether to continue at the Saturday meeting in March.   Larry reported that Jeff James will provide music at the banquet.  Jim suggested considering someone else because Jeff James has provided music several times in the past few years.  Larry asked for input about holding receptions on Thursday and Friday of the convention.  There was discussion about the cost of a formal reception, and the pros and cons of having an informal gathering in the lounge/bar are of the Embassy.  The majority of the board recommended that informal receptions be held.  He informed the board that this summer is the last year of our contract with New World Inn for the July convention.  New World Inn offered a new contract.  The room rate would be $66.00 per room for a 3-year contract.

Jeff Mount reported that the membership directories will be handed out at the NSBA booth during the NMEA Convention.  Five Hundred directories were ordered.

At a special meeting during the Concert Band Festival in April, members asked the board to look into voting by mail or electronically.  Becky reported on approximately how long and at what it cost to prepare the mailing for the vote last spring.  Neal suggested electronic voting if it was decided to change the voting process.  RJ suggested having a method for people to request a paper ballot.  After discussion, it was decided that the board would pursue this issue.  Jim and Becky were designated to bring a proposed wording to the January meeting.

Directors attending the marching band meeting during the summer convention wanted the marching band adjudication ballots reviewed.  Byron collected ballots from other organization and has designed new ballots for every caption.  Neal and Byron reviewed and discussed the ballots.  The ballots were sent to a total of twelve directors that are representatives from both contest sites. These directors were asked to review the ballots and make recommendations for changes.  Recommendations will be considered and Byron will make any necessary revisions.  The final version of the ballots is to be presented at the January meeting of the board.  They will be posted on the website.  The new proposed ballots will be discussed at the Thursday evening marching band discussion session during the March convention.  Directors will vote at the Friday marching band meeting/.

Byron proposed a new process for bidding to host a marching band sites.  Bids will be solicited to host the marching band contests. Sites are allowed to select their preference for AA, A/B/C/D, or both.  During the marching band meeting on Friday, the directors were to vote for the site they will attend (AA votes AA & A/B/C/D votes for A/B/C/D.  If a site wins both the AA vote and the A/B/C/D vote, then the site can choose which size bands they host. The other site directors would then re-vote for a performance site.

Byron proposed a policy to encourage directors to meet their application deadline for the marching band contest. He would have two separate pool drawings: one for late directors and one for those who meet the deadline.  Late applications would go into a pool to perform first. Discussion was held but no decision was made and it was carried over to the January meeting.

The January meeting was convened at Lincoln Southeast High School on January 5, 2008.  Neal Schnoor, President, reviewed preparations for the March Convention, asked board members to preside at sessions, help with transportation from the airport for clinicians, and reminded board members that reports are due to the secretary by Feb. 1.

Joaan Couton, Treasurer, presented the January treasurer’s report.  She reported that mileage went up to $.505/mile and that the marching contest did a lot better this year and has helped put NSBA back on track financially.  Larry Rathbun moved and Bryan Reiger seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. (Motion passed)

Larry Rathbun, President-Elect, reported that the slate of officers is complete, the banquet menu and entertainment is set.  Larry will be meeting with representative from both the Holiday Inn and Embassy Suites to get bids for hosting future NSBA conventions.  He noted that the Holiday Inn is very interested in getting NSBA business back and will lock in a three year contract.  Marilyn Godby asked if this would include exhibits and where they would be housed.

Byron Braasch,, Marching Band Chair, presented a policy for encouraging Directors to Meet the Marching Band Contest Application Deadline.  Byron proposed the following policy:

Completed entry form, entry fee and/or purchase order, music information form, and/or copyright permission must be received by the Marching Band Chairman by midnight on the set September due date. Schools with incomplete entry information, fees, and/or copyright permission will be placed in random drawing for the first performance block of time.  Byron Braasch moved and Larry Rathbun seconded the above stated motion.  After some discussion the motion passed.

During a financial overview, Joann said that NSBA is doing better financially since more money was made at the marching contest this year.  Joann asked to add money to the two commission CDs. She would also like to add back to the rain-out CD since $10,000 was removed to make up for the last couple of years when the association didn’t make as much money.

Discussion was held concerning whether NSBA needs a budget.  The board discussed the advantages of having a budget as a guideline when planning NSBA events.  Joann has this information broken down already for what is currently spent, but projected costs would need to be put together for the budget.

Byron Braasch, Marching Band Chair, conducted an overview of the proposed revised adjudication ballots.  The revised ballots would be posted on the website prior to the convention& comments could be mailed to Byron.  There would be an overview of the ballots & revision process Thursday night of the convention. During the Friday meeting, concert band information would be covered first, followed by the selection of the marching band contest sites.  There would then be a vote on whether to approve the proposed ballots.  Discussion wouldn’t be necessary since it had already been discussed on Thursday.  If the ballots were to be adopted, the next step would be to select a contest format from four possible choices:  1. Rating announce & tote sheet given to the directors
 2.  Rated only (no number scores given)
 3.  Rankings only (announce scores & rank—could also announce ratings
 4.  Combination of rated & ranking contest—bands would choose to go rating only or ranking only—
    Rated bands would compete as a group & have awards ceremony and then ranked bands would     compete as a group followed by an awards ceremony—alternate ranked or rated each year.

The evaluation of Marching Band Contest Admission Prices was discussed.  Neal Schnoor moved and Becky Wilhelm, to raise the admission price to $7 and $5. (Motion passed)  This was followed by an evaluation of the Marching Band Contest entry fee.  After discussion, RJ Metteer moved and Larry seconded a motion to raise the contest entry fee from $125 to $150. (Motion passed)  Additional discussed centered on evaluation of the Marching Band Contest Adjudicator compensation.  Neal Schnoor moved and RJ Metter seconded a motion “that we raise the adjudicator compensation by $25.  Dave Young made a friendly amendment that that the adjudicator compensation be raised to $500.  Neal and RJ accepted the amendment and the motion passed.

Neal Schnoor suggested there should be a change in the eligibility for the Don Lenz Award.  Neal brought this before the board since only current band directors and current members of NSBA are eligible—retired directors are ineligible.  Byron moved and Bryan Reiger moved that the wording “A candidate for the Outstanding Bandmaster Award must be a current band director and a current member of NSBA” be removed.  (Motion passed)

Neal Schnoor moved and Larry Rathbun seconded a motion that the Distinguished Service Award be renamed to recognize any individual who has contributed greatly to the organization.  Discussion followed and a hand vote was taken to table the issue.

At the February 27 Executive Board meeting, Treasurer, Joann Couton, presented the treasurer’s report indicating a check balance of $45,388.28 and certificates of deposit totaling $32,166.74.  She presented a financial report for the 8th Grade All-State Honor Band indicating $3,830.00 in income and $3, 948.76 in expenses with a net loss of $118.76.  Bryan Reiger moved and Byron Braasch seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. (Motion carried)

Jeff Mount reported that the registration numbers for the convention were 143 pre-registered as opposed to 154 at the same time last year.  Eight first-year teachers registered and 3 charter members will be attending.

Dan Irvin, Middle-Level Chair, reported that the 8th Grade All-State Honor Band will be discussed at the middle level luncheon meeting the next day. Any changes in audition materials will be made at this meeting.  The 2009 honor band will be in Kearney on January 17 and on January 16 the next year.  John O’Reilly’s commissioned work will be performed at the 2010 honor band.

RJ Metteer, Concert Band Chair, reported that the schedule for the Concert Band Festival is set.  Nine bands will be participating.

An NSBA Marching/Concert Band Festival Meeting was held on February 29th.  Byron Braasch presented a review of the proposed revised adjudication ballots.  The vote on the revision was favorable and passed unanimously.
Three sites had submitted an application to host the marching contest.  Each site was given an opportunity to make a presentation for their location.  One vote was allowed for a competing school.  The three sites were Bellevue East, Lincoln Southeast/Seacrest, or Millard Distract.  Lincoln Southeast was awarded the AA site and Bellevue East the ABCD site.

There was discussion regarding the marching band contest format.  There was also a discussion about the need for judge’s training. Tom Jaworski moved and RJ Metteer seconded a motion “that the contest format remains the same using the newly adopted ballots.  Byron then went over general information regarding the marching band contest.

At the general business meeting on Sat. march 1 President Neal Schnoor reported on a number of issues. The board was asked to look at voting by mail or electronically at last year’s special meeting. It had been looked into but is a complex process.  It will require bylaw changes.  He noted that the board was considering moving the general business meeting to Thursday to approve the slate of officers and vote on Friday and/or Saturday so more members vote.  There was a change in the Lentz Award nomination form allowing retired members to be eligible.

Larry Rathbun, President=Elect, thanked the nominating committee for their input on the slate of officers. The 2008 NSBA Summer Workshop was announced to be held July 10-12 at the New World Inn in Columbus.  It is the last year of NSBA’s contract with New World and the board plans to consider all options.

Jim Schulz, Past President, noted that invitations to exhibit at the 2008 Spring Convention were sent out early in 2007.  The procedures for selecting the guest performing ensembles changed for 2008.  Auditions were submitted from two college concert bands, two college ensembles, six high school concert bands, two high school jazz bands and five middle school bands.  Beginning with the March 2009 convention only digital auditions will be accepted and the middle level educators are encouraged to do the same.

Marilyn Godby reported that the number of exhibitors is down a little. Kansas Music Educators was held at the same time and some exhibitors chose to attend that convention.

A proposed bylaw change to restructure the class representative to AA,A,B,C,D,Elementary-Middle Level and College-University.  Class representatives are not officers.  AJ Bowen moved and Tom Jaworski seconded a motion to make the bylaw changes. (Motion passed unanimously)

At the NSBA Executive Board Meeting on January 10, 2009, Joan Couton presented the treasurer’s report showing a checking account balance of $37,643.12 and certificates of deposit in the amount of $36,272.06 for a total of $73,915.18 in total assets.  Neal Schnoor moved and Bryan Regier seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. (The motion carried unanimously)

President Elect, Jeff Mount announced that the summer workshop will be held in Columbus at the New World Inn, July 10-12.  This will be the first year of 3 year contract.  Room rates will be $66 per room.  He also announced the candidates for office for the next election.  The banquet will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel on Friday, March 6, 2009.  The menu is to be an Italian Buffett at a cost of $44.80.  Mark Irvin will provide the Pre-Banquet entertainment and his band will receive compensation in the amount of $200.

Mark Irvin, Middle Level Chair, reported that the 8th Grade All-State Band is set with Ann Davis as the conductor.  He reported that he had a meeting with John O’Reilly, conductor/composer for the 2010 NSBA 8th Grade All-State Band.

RJ Metteer noted that most of the membership is not interested in a change of format of the NSBA Concert Band Festival.  He presented an idea of adding adjudicated concert band even with ratings – awards for participation in both the Concert Band Festival and Marching Band Festival.  Discussion followed considering the pros and cons of such move.  RJ will visit with Bud Dahlstrom about the possibility of adding a ratings option to the Concert Band Festival and possible ramifications.  It will also need to be discussed with the membership.

Dave Young mentioned the idea – possibly of recognizing Duane Johnson and his contributions to NSBA, such as renaming a scholarship after him or the service award: the “Duane E. Johnson Distinguished Service Award”.    Bryan Regier moved and Erin Beave seconded a motion to rename the Distinguished Service Award to be entitled the “Duane E. Johnson Distinguished Service Award”. (The motion passed unanimously) A question concerning the Archives was presented: “What to do in the future after Duane?”

The travel allotment was discussed.  Neal Schnoor moved and Dan Sodomka a motion that “the president’s position stay at $1200 and raise other elected and appointed board members to $800 every three years for a travel allotment. (The motion passed unanimously)

At the General Business meeting on Saturday, March 7, Joann Couton presented the treasurer’s report indicating a checking account balance totaling $36,314.75 for a total of $76,158.44 in total assets. She also presented a summary of income and expenses for NSB A’s five major events and a total of all assets for the past 5 years.  Keith Byrkit moved and Roger Groth seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report. (The motion carried unanimously)

Class representatives gave reports for each of the classes.  Larry presented plaques to retiring board members:  RJ Metter, Becky Wilhelm, Bryan Regier, Neal Schnoor, and Larry Rathbun.  Jeff Mount presented the slate of candidates.  (Tom Jaworski moved, and Chris Johnson seconded a motion to accept the slate of candidates in their totality. (Motion passed)

At the NSBA Executive Board Meeting in Columbus, Joann Couton reported the airfare for Gary Gilroy check has been received since the treasurer’s report was submitted.  Date corrections were made to a report.  Discussion followed concerning expenses of the 2009 March convention and banquet costs, including the number of free tickets given out.  Dan Sodomka moved, seconded by Larry Rathbun to accept the treasurer’s report.

Brad Weber, President Elect, made corrections to an earlier report.  Alfred Watkins will be a presenter for the July 2010 workshop.  Brad has made contact with the Fountain City Brass Band of Kansas City for the opening concert on Thursday.  They have a set fee but would do clinics the following day for no extra cost.  Barb Mock suggested a grant money option to apply for to assist with the cost for bringing the band in.

Dan Sodomka, Membership Chair, explained a number discrepancy in the Retired Members in his report.  54 pre-registered for the July 2009 workshop.  (10 clinicians in addition)

Dan Irvin, Middle Level Chair noted that John O’Reilly may e-mail parts for the commissioned piece in Sibelius.  Dan will try to find someone with the software to assist.  (Later found that Carolyn Barber does have Sibelius and Jay Gilbert also offered Doane College, which has a Sibelius Lab)  Dan commented that there is no a contract for an 8th Grade All-State videographer.

Discussion transpired regarding a change of election procedures in the by-laws as well as the logistics of a mail election.  Jeff will make a formal proposal during the general meeting in March as well as update the membership through the January Newsletter.

Dan Sodomka pointed out that our constitution/bylaws currently do not have stipulations on who may be elected to the Board of Directors.  The question was raised if stipulations need to be added, perhaps that elected member need to be “actively teaching instrumental music in a public or private school district and/or college or University.

At the November 18, 2009 Executive Board meeting Joann Couton, treasurer, offered that $1526 had been added from T-shirt orders.  She suggested the board take a moment to look at the total assets which were more than $10,000 below where they were at the same time the previous year.  Larry Rathbun moved and Erin Beave seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  (The motion carried unanimously)

Brad Weber, President-Elect, noted an addition to the slate of candidates—President-Elect Randy Raines of Gering.  Larry answered questions posed by Brad concerning March Convention meals.  Jeff spoke to the addition of a notation by the membership as to whether they will attend the banquet and/or Friday night receptions.

Whitney Jones, Secretary, noted that she had just received minutes from past meetings (2006 through 2009) that had been reported missing.

Dan Irvin, Middle Level Chair, that 8th grade rosters had been sent around.  It was reported that audition numbers and quality are lacking in “color” instruments such as horn and tenor sax.  A question of audition submission was raised but it is the director’s responsibility to decide what to send.

Carolyn Barber, Concert Band Chair, reported everything is in order for 2010.  A database has been created of all the literature that has been played in the past by Concert Band Festivals.

Ron Hardin, Marching Band Chair discussed some of the problems surrounding the State Marching Contest.

At the January 9, 2010 board meeting several discussion items filled the agenda.  Two action items were acted upon.  Erin Beave  moved “To look at putting links back on the website with parameters that the board established. Joann Couton seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.  Carolyn Barber moved to make an affiliate member booth cost for the March convention as proposed by Barb Mock.  Larry Rathbun seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

At the March 4th Executive Board Meeting Board reports were reviewed.  Dan Sodomka, Membership Chair, reported that 142 had pre-registered 133 plans to attend the banquet and lunch numbers are at 65.  Ron Hardin, Marching Band Chair, reviewed expenses for next year’s contest, the Photographers bid proposal was read, and followed by a discussion of ticket prices.  It was decided to leave ticket prices and registration costs the same for the 2010 Marching Contest.  Barb Mock, Exhibit Chair, noted that the total Exhibitors/Companies is 26.  Brady Rolfs, Awards Chair, noted that we are out of Lentz Awards.  Six will be kept in stock and were to be billed directly.  Jeff Mount offered a Commissioning Project Update and noted that it is for the 50th Anniversary and will be something ceremonial.

Joann Couton, Erin Beave, Dan Irving and Larry Rathbun were thanked for their years of service to NSBA.

During a discussion session Dave Young showed a new header for the website and explained changes in progress.  He asked board members to keep an eye on the website for errors or things that needed to be changed.  Ron Hardin suggested that each officer look at their net gain/loss and come up with a proposal to bring all events to minimal financial loss or increase profits.  Carolyn Barber reminded the board to consider adding a charge for adults, excluding participating directors, for the 8th Grade All-State concert as well as the Concert Band Festival to begin in 2011.

Whitney Jones moved to remove the requirement for contracted vendors to purchase booth space in their next contract.  It was seconded by Erin Beave—motion passed.

Ron Hardin moved to change the title of the exhibits chair to “March Convention Coordinator” and expand the duties to include the business planning for the March Convention.  It was seconded by Dan Irvin—motioned passed.

The General Business Meeting of NSBA was held in the Westbrook Music Building.  The first order of business was to accept the minutes as presented—minutes approved. 

Joann Couton, treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report showing $69.090.42 in total assets.  She also presented a summary of income and expenses for NSBA’s 5 major events (March Convention, Concert Band Festival, Summer Convention, Marching Band Contest, 8th grade All-State Band) and a total of all assets for the past 5 years. Tom Jaworski moved to accept the report, seconded by Rick Mitchell---motion passed unanimously.

Dan Sodomka, Membership Chair, reported that 142 members pre-registered for the convention, 197 at the March convention.  There were 212 in attendance last year.

Ron Hardin, Marching Band Chair, reported on the following items:

AA site will be Millard South; ABCD site will be at Seacrest Field hosted by Lincoln Southeast.
Rotation of AA performance times proposal was defeated
AA Performance Seeding proposal passed
NSBA Sanctioning of Local Shows proposal passed
Standardization of awards, Optional classification passed

Concert Band Chair, Carolyn Barber updated her report to indicate that 18 bands plan on participating in the Concert Band Festival.  She suggested that NSBA continue to look at what surrounding states are doing.  Brady Rohlfs had an additional expenditure of $600-700 which will be reflected in next year’s treasurer’s report.  Class Representatives gave their reports.

New business reflected the following:

Constitutional By-law Change Proposal:  John Furrow moved to accept the proposals with Jeff Peabody seconding the motion.  Jeff Mount read information in support of the proposal.  Tom Jaworski raised concerns about first year directors being unable to vote if their membership is entitled “Student” from the previous March.  Dan Sodomka stated:  that if he is informed they have a teaching position, membership status can be changed.  Tom Jaworski called for the question and a unanimous ballot was cast.

Darren Myers asked Ron Hardin who was eligible to vote on Marching Band Changes.  He proposed that all those eligible to participate should be able to vote.  Discussion followed and it was pointed out that historically only the bands that participated the previous year are allowed to vote.

The slate of candidates was presented:

Dr. Randy Neuharth, Northeast Community College
Randy Raines, Gering Public Schools

Joann Couton, Bishop Neuman High School

Public Relations Chair:
Dr. David Bohnert, Wayne State College
John Furrow, Norfolk Public Schools

Middle School Chair:
Chiyo Kamada, Otte-Blair Middle School

The July 8th NSBA Board meeting began with the reading and approval of the minutes and the Treasurer’s report.  Officers reports followed with some being passed on for action.

David Bohnert moved with an amendment by Ron Hardin to up audition fees for the Middle School All-State to $7.00 per student per audition.  Seconded by Randy Neuharth with the motion being passed.

Barb is working on transportation for the judges.  Ron would like to amend how travel arrangements are made.  He would prefer judges book their own flights and reimburse them up to $350 with a deadline.  The judges are then to use the hotel shuttle.  Parking and excessive meals will not be paid for.  Joann would like to raise the entry fee to $175 per band.  David moved to increase the entry fee to $175.00 –Joann seconded, motion passed.

Ron made a motion to increase the fee for retired March Convention goes to $45 with no late fee, or to the nearest $5 of next year’s banquet costs—seconded by Dave—motion passed.

Randy presented a motion to no longer pay boot camper hotel costs—Joann seconded—motion passed.  Joann moved to eliminate one previously included meal, leaving the registration cost the same—Brady seconded—motion carried.

Randy moved to update the gate charge to $8 for adults, leaving the student at $5 for the marching band event—Brady seconded—motion passed.

The NSBA Executive Board meeting of November 18 opened with a review of Board Officers Reports:  President, Brad Weber answered a number of general questions.  Treasurer, Joann Couton noted changes for the Summer Workshop report to clarify that there were 85 registered members, and that added boot camp expenses are probably because of added , but Phi Beta Mu reimburses—needing to be put in the report released next March.  Added T­-Shirt money will also be reflected in the report next March. Randy Neuharth moved and Dan Sodomka seconded the motion to accept the treasurer’s report—motion carried unanimously.

Other officers answered general questions with none resulting in being action items.

The NSBA Executive Board wrap-up meeting, held on March 6, began with an overview of the summer convention, details and room needs.  It was noted that not all clinicians are “locked in”.  Dates for the calendar were also reviewed.

This was followed by a Convention debriefing and suggestions for 2011:

Duane E. Johnson and/or Jack Schneider should present their own award (the handing out of the plaque)
Barb Mock had scheduling ideas and will send them to Brad.
Taking pictures immediately after the awards worked out well
There were still openings for the 2011 convention
50th Convention
Commission will be premiered
Suggested to perform the commission for the 25th Anniversary
Give away item—ideas include CD opener, NSBA pin with 50 on it, Baton from Premier Batons
Revisiting the recommended concert band literature—Phi Beta Mu doing this
Using space at the NSBA booth to post pictures and information celebrating 50 years
Joann spoke about the ability to get grants from the Nebraska Arts Council.  Perhaps this would be a way to get new History of Nebraska books or pay for commissioning projects.  Jeff will look into the grants and what it would take.

Options for the Embassy and UNL were discussed—primarily questions.  Jeff encouraged the event chairs to streamline costs.  Joann offered that dues have been $50.00 for around 4 years and suggested that the issue be put before the membership at next year’s General Meeting.  Whitney noted that the greatest attendance is during the full day (Friday) with lesser attendance for the half days.  She suggested that the board should look at 2 full days (Friday and Saturday). Ron looked at the bottom line expenses for cookies and pop for the board to the $600 needed to operate 8th grade All-State.

The January 8, board meeting began with a review of the minutes.  This was followed by Board Officer Reports.  President, Brad Weber, presented his report followed by and opportunity for the board to ask questions.  The Treasurer’s report was presented and accepted.  President Elect, Randy Neuharth commented on the preparation to put the slate of officers on the website.  The timeline for electronic voting was discussed and it was decided it would be February 1st to February 10th.  Voting results were to go to Brad, Jeff and Randy. Plans for the summer workshop were discussed.  The other officers gave their reports with no discussion with the exception of Carolyn Barber who asked for names for the Distinguished Service Award.

Jay Gilbert present on behalf of Phi Beta Mu.  He proposed that Phi Beta Mu create a summer event “Nebraska Summer Bandmaster Academy” in the event that NSBA combines the March and July events. Jay offered Doane College as a location for this event and hopes to be able to use the facilities for reduced or no cost.  Financially, Jay believes he can raise the $150,000 necessary to fund the summer academy. In addition, Jay would like permission for Phi Beta Mu to (1) update the NSBA Recommended Music List every 5 years, (2) assist in connecting mentors and mentees, and (3) form a permanent committee to create recommendations for commissioning project composers for NSBA to select from.

Carolyn Barber moved and Dan Sodomka a motion to charge Dr. Gilbert with presenting the “Nebraska Summer Bandmaster Academy” to Phi Beta Mu.

Carolyn Barber moved and Whitney Jones seconded a motion to have Phi Beta Mu be the catalyst for keeping the NSBA Recommended Music List up to date every 5 years Joann got a consensus that the costs for creating/maintaining the list still be NSBA’s responsibility.

Carolyn Barber moved and Joann Couton Phi Beta Mu be charged with the responsibility of creating a commissioning committee to identify potential composers and present a list to the NSBA Board for selection purposes.

Jeff reminded the board of prior discussion on creating and operating budget for the organization.  Dad Sodomka had a copy of the budget breakdown Joann had presented in July.  It was agreed the Joann along with the President and President-Elect would lead this effort.

Carolyn Barber moved that a motion be presented to the general membership that membership dues be raised to $65 and student dues to $10.00.  Dan Sodomka seconded the motion—carried unanimously.                                   

The summer, July 7, 2011 NSBA Executive Board Meeting was convened by President, Rsndy Neuharth at 9:00 A.M. at the New World Inn in Columbus.  Carolyn Barber moved and Brad Weber seconded a motion to approve the minutes.  The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer, Joann Couton reviewed the treasurers reports and additional breakdowns attached to the board reports.  The treasurers “Things to Know” was handed out for the Executive Board Notebooks.  Whitney Jones moved and Carolyn Barber seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously. 

Marching Band Chair, Ron Hardin, stated the judging panels are hired except for one judge for October. There is a service called “Concur” which allows clinicians/judges to book their own flights, and then the administrator has to approve the costs/flight requests.  The credit card from the Executive Board is charged.  Ron asked if his maximum credit could be raised to $10,000.  Joann will make this request.  Joann asked if Life Touch has another yearly bonus.  Ron said it is a contract signing bonus, so, every three years this bonus will appear.

Randy opened discussion about the summer workshop.  The contract with New World Inn is up after this workshop.  The boot-camp has become the most vital part of the summer workshop.  If we move to a one day format, he suggests:  Boot camp goes on as currently done, a golf outing for veterans in the morning, and everyone has lunch together.  In the afternoon, have a reading session that the veterans and rookies can participate in.  Whoever is running the reading session can also present a clinic for the veteran teachers.  Joann brought up the Student Leadership and Marching Judging training.  Both of these can be run simultaneously in the morning during the Boot camp.  Randy proposed that Steve Steager create a committee to create a new schedule.  Whitney Jones moved and Joann Couton seconded a motion to change the format of the summer workshop and charge Steve’s committee to create the new schedule contained to a one-day event for members.

Carolyn Barber spoke to the logistics and reasoning behind the proposal submitted for uniting the Concert Festival and the March Convention.  Proposal:”Starting in March of 2013 we hold the NSBA Concert Band Festival in conjunction with NSBA March convention”.  Carolyn Barber moved and David Bohnert seconded a motion to accept the proposal as written.  The motion carried unanimously!

The November 11, 2012 Executive Board Meeting was held at Steinhart Room-Lied Center. President, Randy Neuharth, spoke briefly regarding the January meeting.  The meeting will be held at the NWU music building and will begin at 9:00 with the hopes of finishing by noon.

Treasurer, Joann Couton informed the board that the March Convention bottom line had changed enough since the last meeting.  Therefore, she included the March Convention Treasurer’s report in the current board minutes---noting another $1000.00 has been received for marching band entry fees.  Ron stated that approximately $6000-$6500 should come in from the photographer/video/pep wear with exact figures known in January.  Ron also noted that 25 wrist bands were handed out per band.  The previous year 10 wrist bands were given out.  Ron Hardin moved and Carolyn Barber seconded a motion to provide a minimum of 10 wrist bands to a band or 1 wrist band per 10 students in the ensemble, which ever number is larger.  The motion carried unanimously.

President-Elect, Steve Steager stated he is working on the Summer Workshop.  The Workshop will be on July 6th at Doane College with another session in North Platte on the 7th.  Joann asked if NSBA would pay the fees in North Platte and Steve said yes.  Judges training is planned as well as a web-site sharing session, concert band reading session and many others. 

Convention Coordinator, Barb Mock, noted that she has not been charging enough for electricity (currently $25) and extra tables (currently $15).  Barb proposes $30 for electricity and $30 for tables.  The Associate Dues are currently $15—the main benefit to those vendors this dues is receiving a copy of the membership directory.  Steve Steager moved and Joann seconded a motion to raise the Associate dues to $20.  The motion carried unanimously.

Jay Gilbert presented a proposal to raise the compensation for the Nebraska Intercollegiate Band Guest Conductor.  Jay proposed $1900.  The 2012 conductor has been told $1250.00 and Jay would like to extend the new rate to Dorsey.  Discussion followed to bump this year’s fee to $1600 then move to $1900.00 for the 2013 conductor.  Ron Hardin moved and Joann Couton seconded a motion to review the NMEA All-State Clinician fee for the current year and correlate the NSBA Intercollegiate Band Guest Conductor pay out for the March convention 18 months in the future.  The motion carried unanimously.

Carolyn Barber moved and Joann seconded a motion to increase Dorsey’s pay to $1600 for the 2012 Intercollegiate Band.  The motion carried unanimously!

The March 1, 2012 Executive Board Meeting was held in the Embassy Suites Board Room with President, Randy Neuharth Presiding.  The minutes were reviewed and Ron Hardin moved, and Brad Weber seconded a motion to approve the minutes.  The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer, Joann Couton mentioned that two reports were e-mailed to the board, including the 8th Grade All-State expenditures.  She reported that the proposed income for the fiscal year would be $13,000 higher than what was actually received. The net gain was sizably smaller than had been proposed.  Conversation about costs and where we have planned to make financial cuts in the future followed.  Whitney Jones moved and Carolyn Barber seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion passed unanimously.

Secretary, Whitney Jones brought up that Duane Johnson will continue to work on the archives and maintain the NSBA history.

Eric Snyder noted that 140 members were pre-registered for the convention, 10 Clinicians, 26 Exhibitors, and 78 Honor Band members.  Joann reminded Eric to get the green cards to the college students to get their membership information.

Chiyo Kamada noted that the 8th Grade All-State went very well.  Mike Sweeney will be the clinician next year.  The clinician receives $400.  Carolyn stated that $1000 is around the standard.  The clinician fee is in addition to travel expenses being paid.  Joann Couton moved and Carolyn Barber seconded a motion to raise the clinician fee for the 8th Grade All-State to $750.  The motion carried unanimously.

Marching Band Chair, Ron Hardin, talked about the schedule for discussion on proposals and voting.  Three sits have turned in their information.  Apparel contracts were decided on last year and a decision is to be made this year on video companies.

Concert Band Chair, Carolyn Barber, has received 9 applications for the Concert Band Festival.

Convention Coordinator, Barb Mock, stated that there are 26 exhibitors, 10 are NSBA Associate members, 6 are new members ($25), and 3 need extra tables.  Exhibit checks total $4,405.

Awards Chair, Brady Rohlf’s noted that there were 11 schools receiving the academic award.

The NSBA General Business Meeting was held in the Westbrook Music Building at 8:00 A.M. Saturday, March 3, 2012.  The minutes were reviewed.  Bob Johnson moved and Rex Barker seconded a motion to approve the minutes.  The motion carried unanimously.

President, Randy Neuharth thanked everyone in our efforts to “Go Green” and asked for continued patience.  Randy thanked Dave Young for his work to keep the website updated and thanked the various volunteers that hosted the clinicians.

Treasurer, Joann Couton presented the treasurers reports, including the Year-End Report (March 2011-2012).  She noted that financially we are coming back to where we were in January 2008 and recovering from a steady decline and lowest point in 2010.  John Furrow moved and Dick Marolf seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.

Past President, Brad Weber had no additions to his report.  Randy brought up that the board has been discussing ways to get more ensembles to perform.  Byron Braasch asked for a clarification as to how groups are selected.  This year it was the top ensembles overall, not dependent on classification, seemingly dependent on the diversification and number of schools that auditioned.

Membership Chair, Eric Snyder asked everyone to pre-register.  On-site registration was 76, Pre-registration was 140, and total membership at the convention was 216.  There were 10 clincians, 78 collegiate students and 26 exhibits.  Total paid registration was 330.

Public Relations Chair, David Bohnert state that the 8th Grade All-State will be January 19, 2013.

Middle Level Chair, Chiyo Kamada stated that the 8th Grade All-State went very well.  Paula Crider, conductor of the band, was very pleased with the event.

Marching Band Chair, Ron Hardin noted that the date of the next Marching Band event is October, 2012.  All costs remain the same for the 2012 event.  Concert Band Chair, Carolyn Barber announced that the date for the Concert Band Festival would be April 14, 2012.

March Convention Coordinator, Barb Mock noted that the entire block of rooms was sold in the Embassy.  Byron Braasch brought up that the Marching Event is funding the March Convention and if the Convention continues to lose money other events will suffer.

Awards Chair, Brady Rohlfs stated that the only change from the packet was that there were only 11 Academic Awards.  There have been no collegiate awards submissions for three years.

Web Master, Dave Young explained how to log into the membership only section.  Dave will be doing a web-site clinic during the summer workshop.  Dave also mentioned that the Duane Johnson video is on the website.

Class Representative Reports were given by the various chairs.

Bob Maag spoke about the History of Nebraska Bands update.  Dave Young needs text to be sent as separate files from pictures when submitting information.  All hard copy pictures are to be sent to Duane.

The July 5, 2012 Executive Board Meeting was held at Doane College.  Joanne Couton presented the minutes.  A question was raised concerning the treasurer’s report—the words “for the fiscal year” will be added.  Michelle Bluford moved to accept the minutes as amended with a second by Eric Snyder.  The motion carried unanimously.

President, Steve Steager reviewed the question of deadlines for the Nebraska Music Educators magazine.  He noted that the plan for March was to have all three Concert Band Festival clinicians do some form of presentation on Thursday or Friday.

Treasurer, Joann Couton reviewed her report.  The Marching band Meeting on Thursday night of the March Convention costs $1466.21—Tony suggest using a room on campus which already has AV equipment.  Barb said it should not be a problem to not use the room at the Embassy.  David Bohnert moved and Eric Snyder seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously.

President-Elect Michelle Bluford stated she had been working on making contacts/connections for the future convention/workshop.  She commented that her goal was to keep the voice of the smaller schools heard, providing for ALL bands in Nebraska.  A discussion about performance bands scheduling transpired including the possibilities for splitting a concert time block.  Performance selections are supposed to include music of a variety of grade levels.

Membership Chair, Eric Snyder reviewed his report.  The number pr-registered for the Doane Workshop in 2012 is at 32 (plus 9 board members, 6 clinicians, 2 clinician/board, 1 VIP).  Pre-registration at the Columbus workshop in 2011 was 53. There are 81 students registered for the student leadership workshop this year in Doane, 6 students in North Platte.  Frank will receive $800 for Friday and $800 for Saturday.  Dave Young asked Eric for the newest copy of the directory.  Eric will send it to Roger Thaden for formatting and then get it to Dave as a pdf.

Concert Band Chair, Tony Falcone reported on the Concert Band Festival.  He stated that the digital recorders worked well, but Flip Cameras files were too large to send and used batteries too quickly. There was a question about charging a fee at the door.  Tony will check with Kimball concerning selling tickets at the door.  Joann Couton moved and Randy Neuharth seconded a motion to charge admission at the Concert Band Festival in the amount of $5 for adults, $3 for non-participating students, directors with convention badge and Children 5 and under are free.  The Motion carried unanimously.

Several Action Items were discussed including Concert Band Festival Admissions, procedure for the Summer Workshop, verification of membership for directors with participating ensembles, the possibility of a 9th grade All-State Band, how “Going Green” is affecting membership, an explanation of the color-coded budget including proposed new amounts, and various information concerning the March Convention

The November 14, 2012 meeting of the NSBA Executive Board was held in the Steinhart Room with President Steve Steager presiding.  The minutes were reviewed with a request that Whitney send out the minutes quickly after the meeting. The last sentence of the Concert Band Chair minutes were to be deleted.  Randy Neuharth moved and Eric Snyder seconded a motion to accept the minutes. The motion carried unanimously.  Board officer reports followed.

President Steve Steager noted the presenters for the March Convention.  All the session slots are full. Steve will e-mail the schedule to the board with a request to check for errors.  There are four concert slots and it will be left to the discretion of the selection committee if any will be split into two ½ hour slots.  Steve was to e-mail Class Representatives to see if there was a better time for them to meet than the traditional 7 A.M. time slot on Friday. The Thursday evening concert was to start at 7 P.M. and the rest of the evening events moved forward 30 minutes.

Treasurer Joann Couton commended the marching band contest and the summer workshop on helping the total assets of NSBA.  Steve and Eric helped audit the financial books.  Randy Neuhart moved and David Bohnert seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously.                                

President-Elect Michelle Bluford stated that the slate of officers is not complete.  Preparations for the summer workshop were going well.  She is working on getting Frank Troyka lined up for the summer workshop and highly suggested trying the leadership session in the western part of the state again.

Past-President Randy Neuharth has selected the committee to review the performing groups for the March Convention.  He would like to have all bands ranked, but also needs to know what type of group the recording is from.  They will be asked to make a bottom line of “acceptable” or non-acceptable”.  The deadline is December 15.

Middle Level Chair Chiyo Kamada updated the board on the number of auditions submitted, nearly 100 more auditions were sent in.  Lori Falcone acted as the percussion specialist.  Joan Couton moved and Whitney Jones seconded a motion to pay the percussion specialist $150.  The motion carried unanimously.

Marching Band Chair, Ron Hardin submitted information regarding next year’s Marching Contest. He noted that he sent the information/application material later this year due to the high turnover in directors. Ron will check in March to see if sanctioned shows will be able to use the same pdf and if deadlines can line up. Tony tossed out the idea of having ABCD formatted sanctioned competitions and AA sanctioned competitions—making potentially two sanctioned competitions on one day.  Dave Young suggested creating an appointed board member for hiring adjudicators.  Randy Neuharth moved and Michelle Bluford seconded a motion to create the position of Marching Band Adjudication Chair to be appointed for the 2014 contest.  The motion carried unanimously.

Concert Band Chair, Tony Falcone has verbal commitments from three judges for the Concert Band Festival; Lt Col Alan L. Bonner, William L. Ballenger & Dr. Steven Moore.  Tony was pleased with the way the reading band went during the summer workshop and thanked Jay Gilbert and his students for the organization and assistance for the reading session.
Convention Coordinator, Barb Mock noted that “Clell Wade” is the digital book of e-mail addresses for directors.  Barb asked if ImageMarket has an exclusive contract for all NSBA event t-shirts. Ron stated that they do not and suggested maybe a change was in order.  Randy asked about complaints about how door prizes were handed out.

Awards Chair, Nate Metschke noted that he had received four letters for the Donald A. Lentz Outstanding Bandmaster Award.  Nate was told that he needs to create a committee with a suggestion that he have 3-5 Past Lentz recipients on the committee.  There are four carry-over Lentz Nominees.

The January 5, 2013 meeting of the NSBA Executive Board meeting was held at Nebraska Wesleyan with President, Steve Steager presiding.  The minutes were reviewed.  Randy Neuharth moved and David Bohnert seconded a motion to approve the minutes with corrections.  The motion carried unanimously.

Treasurer, Joann Couton passed around a thank you note from the Schmidt family.  Joann received a check from Dan Ehly for around $1100 from the marching contest.  She remarked that financially NSBA was in good shape and credits the success of the marching contest.  Joann was asked whether new CDs should be taken out or money added to present CDs.  She suggested waiting until after the March Convention and replacing money in 2 existing CDs where money has been pulled in the past.  Ron Hardin moved and Michelle Bluford seconded a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  The motion carried unanimously.

President-Elect, Michelle Bluford discussed several things:  She notes that Brett in North Platte is excited to host the Leadership Workshop again.  Michelle asked how to market the Western Nebraska leadership workshop.  Thoughts were to reimburse travel expenses for a school and/or getting comments from directors that have had students attended previous workshops. 

Ron and Michelle asked Randy for a tutorial on Survey Monkey before he leaves the board. On-line voting will be held Feb. 7th-14th.  This will allow two weeks before the convention to invite the newly elected officers to the initial Thursday Board Meeting at the convention. It was noted that an e-mail noting that voting for officers will take place in February.  A reminder was to be sent out two days before the voting ceases. Other discussion took place concerning the boot camp and how it is advertised.

Past-President, Randy Neuharth received 15 applications for performing groups.  The Nebraska Wind Symphony, Millard West, Blair 11-12 Band, and the UNO Jazz Ensemble were selected.  Joann reminded the board that the website should be used to post how recordings will be judged/picked and what performing ensembles are expected to perform.  Randy Neuharth explained how the band selection process has been working.  Recordings need to be submitted electronically and received by December 15th.  It was also decided that the listening committee should meet live to review the recordings.  Currently a group cannot reapply for three years after performing.  Randy proposed a change in policy to allow for returning in 4 years.  The board felt that it is better to have more bands apply and not change the length between making application.

Marching Band Chair, Ron Hardin was asked about scoring software.  Ron is working with the company and will have further information in March.  Michelle Bluford asked when the Marching Adjudication Chair needs to be appointed.

Membership Chair, Eric Snyder noted that there had been little change in the membership roster.  He has received a few registrations for the March Convention.  Eric will get a new pdf made of the current membership to put on the website.  He has two e-mail lists: All Nebraska directors or all NSBA directors.   

Concert Band Chair, Tony Falcone asked how admission will be collected for the Concert Band Festival.  Joann will coordinate getting the money boxes.





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Fred Semin
Francis J. Shaughnessey
Dennis Shimmin
Claude Smith
Darrell D. Smith
Jack R. Snider
Darwyn Snyder
Ralph D. Spongberg
Maxine Stone
Rolland Stock
Eugene K. Stoll
Edgar L. Tegtmeier
Marion Thayer
Orlan E. Thomas
Rex Allen Thompson
Orville Voss
Richard E. Watt
Ken D. Wacker
Donald Weinand
Gary Welch
Merton V. Welch
Dr. Paul W. Whear
Gilbert E. Wilson
William Wurtz


Honorary Members
Nilo Hovey
Frank Piersol
Dean Killion
George Anderson

Nebraska State Bandmasters Association
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