The idea that Nebraska band directors should be organized first came from Arthur Harrell with a letter to the Band Directors of the state of Nebraska stating: “For some time it has been the feeling of several of the bandmen thmmmmroughout the state that we should have some type of organization for the band and orchestra men. It is also our feeling that this organization, whatever the final form may be, is not to replace any existing organization or even set up any opposition to any existing program but simply to provide a means of bringing into closer unity and harmony those of us engaged in a common undertaking and to provide a means of instruction, clinic discussion, and fellowship.”

Mr. Harrell had conducted a personal survey of several states that had active organizations and presented a set of ideas he felt could and should be adapted in Nebraska. He suggested an initial dues structure of $3.00, the type of clinic to be held, a clinic band and orchestra made up of high school students to rehearse and play a concert, guest conductors and how to proceed to develop a structure for an association. He suggested that a meeting be held on May 2, 1936 during the State Contest in Kearney. (They actually met on May 1) The Nebraska Band Masters Association was selected as the name for the organization and officers were elected. The initial officers were: Arthur Harrell of Kearney, President; Leo Moody of Scottsbluff, Vice-President and James Johnson of Stanton as Secretary-Treasurer. An initial program format was suggested and carried to a meeting in Kearney on September 30, 1936. R. Cedric Anderson had been selected as clinic chair to organize the first clinic/convention program. The Executive Committee and Clinic Committee met in Kearney on Sunday, October 11, 1936 at which time plans were finalized for the clinic.


The preliminary program was discussed and ideas were offered for band reading sessions, workshops by the conductors and clinic sessions. There was to be an annual banquet (cost 65 cents) and the first annual Band Directors “smoker”. Specific session ideas included interpretation, conducting, teaching brass, teaching fundamentals, organization, grade school instruction, marching band, drum major technique, baton technique, band maneuvers, flute and French horn.

Guest clinicians for the inaugural clinic were Carleton Steward, H.A. Vandercook, H.E. Nutt, EJ. Fitchhorn, Charles Ledwith and the Hastings College and Hastings High Drum Majors. Guest conductors Stewart, Vandercook and Nutt all rehearsed the 104 piece clinic band, each conducting three selections. The first Nebraska State Bandmasters Clinic was held in Hastings November 26, 27 and 28, 1936. Income from the initial clinic was $509.15 and expenses $459.00 The three headline clinicians received $55.00 each and they traveled from Chicago.



Arthur G. Harrell

Kearney   Aubrey Bouch Oakland
A. D. Olin Omaha   J. H. Rennick Wahoo
Carl P. Seidel Seward   L. A. Moore Fullerton
John B. Otte Omaha   Gene Ellsworth MindenLeo W. Moody
Leo W. Moody Scottsbluff   Ira George Osmond
A. J. Atkins Atkinson   Ralph Peer Schuyler
Ralph W. Hillyer Detroit   Edmund Sedivy Emerson
E. T. Sly Alliance   W. J. Loebel Wakefield
M. H. Shoemaker Hastings   Leo Kelley McCook
R. Y. Chatelain Fairbury   John Shimonek Oakdale
George Houser Grand Island   Julius W. Cochrane Sidney
Earl Freeland Axtell   R. C. Anderson North Platte
Don McGaffey Scotia/Hemingford   Vincent Abrahamson Kearney
L. K. Lotspeich Superior   Paul Sell Fairfield
F. V. Hill Curtis   John R. Keith Wayne
James Johnson Stanton   H. A. Schrepel Pawnee City
Henry Deines Albion   Wilbert Maynard Omaha
T. H. Lynch Gothenburg   Paul J. Kelley Petersburg
Herman Eickhoff Wisner   Coin J. Beuck Randolph
J. H. George Plainview   Bernard Nevin Lincoln
G. W. Baughman Ravenna   Ivan C. Caldwell Broken Bow
Wm. T. Quick Lincoln   L. H. Heaney Aurora
Everett Ewing Lexington   H.C. Reed Wayne
Lyle Welch Lincoln   Merton V. Welch Alma
Stanley M. Johnson Stanton   E. J. Fetchhorn Delaware, Ohio
Frank E. Varella Norfolk   Martin A. Hertch Benkelman
Murrell P.Simpson Humphrey   F. A. Hanson Madison
Dean S. Duncan Ord   T. W. Kelly Hyannis
Kenneth Johnson Newman Grove   Melvin H. Struve Burwell
J. H. Nickerson Gordon   Joy O. Payne Stromsburg
Henry G. Cox Omaha   Sam Dahl Axtell
H. L Hetherington Omaha   C. O. Nygren Edgar
Stanley Davis Pender   Joe Jerovic Clarkson
M. L. Crandall Central City   Fred E. Hess Harvard
Roy G. Holbert Mitchell   Gordon Bell Blue Hill
M. H. Bostrom Gering   L. M. Gobel Fairbury
Harry Wilson Knight Campbell Music   L. L. Tompkins Elwood
Lloyd Erxleben Carroll   P. W. Wickersham Arnold
Leslie R. Marks Silver Creek   Victor H. Jindra Peru
Patton Music Omaha   Harvey M. Snider Wilber
Jas. L. Hanson Omaha   H. J. Kirkpatrick Lincoln
Lambert Jerovic Norfolk   Raymond Reed Lincoln
Arvid Davis Yutan   Max Beinthal Red Cloud
Ralph Gray Ewing   Cecil Carter Crete
J. B Hall Verdigree   Austin Cramer Pierce
Ross B. Hanks Tilden   Lloyd Perry Ponca
Otto Hasik Page   Lytton S. Davis Omaha
S. W. Altstadt Holdrege   Warren Watters Omaha
Harvey Hall Arapahoe   Walter Olsen Fremont
Marvin Thayer Stapleton   Coudell D. Forrest Bertrand
Schmoller and Mueller Omaha   Wesley O. Sandberg Sutton
James M. King Hastings   J. Donald Fisher Big Springs
Paul C. Peterson Hooper   Geo. A. Bittrich Valentine
Mr. Beers Bridgeport   Charles A. Sheppard Central City
Alvin Duis Kimball   Fred Semin Brainard
Lyon and Healy Omaha   W. C. Hunter Rushville
Gaston Music Hastings   L. R. McCormack Hay Springs
L. M. Durham O'Neill   A. F. Schaefer Abilene, Texas
Lester A. Somers Arlington   Paul C. Dawson Council Bluffs, IA
Bernarr Ptacek Grant      




(Year of formation as assembled by Walt Olsen and Donald Lentz)

(Edited for additions by Duane E. Johnson and Robert Maag)

1868: Platte County Brass Band, Columbus
1870's: Frederich “Hohman Band”, Lincoln
1870's: Lincoln Ladies Band, Lincoln
1870's: Nebraska State Band, Lincoln
1970's: Thomas Band, Seward
1872: Army Band, North Platte
1875: Kearney Band, Kearney
1875: Girl’s Band, Kearney
1876: David City Band, David City
1879: Nebraska City Band, Nebraska City
1879: University of Nebraska Band, Lincoln
1879: Fort Niobrara Band, Valentine
1880's: Lyons Concert Band, Lyons
1880's: Pawnee City Military Band, Pawnee City
1880's: Seward Ladies Band, Seward
1881: Hohman’s Band, Sutton
1882: Polk Silver Cornet Band, Polk
1883: 8th and 12th Cavalry Band, Ft Robinson, Crawford
1883: Gordon Silver Cornet Band, Gordon
1884: Waverly Brass Band, Waverly
1885: Baldwin’s Silver Cornet Band, Fremont
1886: West Point Juvenile Cornet Band, West Point
1886-89: Platte County Brass Band, Columbus
1886: Neligh Band, Neligh
1887: Oakland Concert Band, Oakland
1888: Valentine Band, Valentine
1888: Gering Cornet Band
1888: Minden High School, Minden
1889: Peru State Normal College Band, Peru
1889: Crete Military Band, Crete
1890's: Bartley Cornet Band, Bartley
1890: Pawnee City Community Band, Pawnee City
1892: Bloomfield Cornet Band, Bloomfield
1893: Syracuse Cornet Band, Syracuse
1893: 1st Regimental Band (Nebraska Volunteer Infantry)
1894: Bond’s Concert Band, Ord
1895: Nedela Pioneer Band, “The Kid Band”, Saline Co.
1898: Crete Municipal Band, Crete
1898: Deshler Cornet Band, Deshler
1900: Silver Cornet Band, Hooper
1900: Butler County Band
1900: Wymore Town Band, Wymore
1902: Fremont Municipal Band, Fremont
1902: Band, First Regiment
1902: Negro Band, Omaha
1904: Pohocco Boys Concert Band, Saunders County
1904: George Eret’s Ord City Band, Ord
1905: Hooker County Band, Mullen
1905: Hooper Band, Hooper
1905: Nebraska Wesleyan College Band, Lincoln
1905: Union College Band, College View, Lincoln
1905: Stanton, 2 bands
1905: 9th and 10th Negro Cavalry Band, Ft. Robinson
1905-06: Clarkson City Band, Clarkson
1906: Ernest Nordin’s Concert Band, Omaha
1906: Orleans City Band, Orleans
1906: Brainard Band, Brainard
1907: Lincoln Municipal Band, Lincoln
1907: Stockfelds Boys Band, Fremont
1907: Kearney State College Band, Kearney
1907: Kimball High School Band, Kimball
1907: Lincoln High School Band, Lincoln
1907: Schuyler Community Band, Schuyler
1908: Schuyler High School Band, Schuyler
1908: Wayne State College Band, Wayne
1908: George Greene’s Band, Omaha
1908: Omaha Colored Band, Omaha
1908: Ceighton Band, Creighton
1910: Boys Training School Band, Kearney
1911: Harrison Adult Band, Harrison
1912: North Platte High School Band, North Platte
1912: Ord High School Band, Ord
1912: Tekemah High School Band, Tekemah
1913: Axtell City Band, Axtell
1914: 4th Infantry Band, Omaha
1914: Israel’s Band, Brainard 1954: Lincoln rd or Osceola
1914: Scottsbluff Community Band, Scottsbluff
1915: Uehling Band, Uehling
1916: Geneva School Band, Geneva
1916: Sesostris Shrine Band, Lincoln
1917: Chadron State College Band
1917: Beechville Band, Mason City
1916-17: 5th Infantry Band, or Band 5th Regiment
1917: Hastings High School Band
1918: Walter Savage Carnival Band, Wayne
1918: Tehama Shrine Band, Hastings
1919: Tangier Shrine Band, Omaha
1919: Blair High School, Blair


1920: Scribner Municipal Band, Scribner
1920; Kearney High School Band, Kearney
1920: Boys Town Band, Omaha
1920: Gothenburg Volunteer Fireman’s Band,
1921; Gering High School Band, Gering
1921: Vasholz’ Boys Band, Fremont
1921: Wayne School Band, Wayne
1921: Fremont High School Band
1921: McCook High School Band, McCook
1921: Scottsbluff High School Band, Scottsbluff
1923: Spencer Boy Scout Band, Spencer
1924: Pawnee City High School Band, Pawnee City
1924: 110th Medical Regimental Band, Crete
1925: 35th Division Training Band, Holdrege
1925: Doane College Band, Crete
1925: Howell’s High School Band, Howell’s
1925: Columbus Municipal Band, Columbus
1925: North Bend Community Band, North Bend
1926: Valentine, School Band, Valentine
1926: Pierce High School, Pierce
1926: Stanton High School Band, Stanton
1927: Bloomfield Boy’s Band, Bloomfield
1927: Creighton School Band, Creighton
1927-39: Osmond School Band, Osmond
1928: Bloomfield School Band, Bloomfield
1928: Fairbury Municipal Band, Fairbury
1928: Burlington (Railroad) Band, Lincoln
1928: Midland College Band
1928: Curtis High School Band, Curtis
1928: Atkinson School Band, Atkinson
1928: Loomis Public School, Loomis
1929: Hastings College Band, Hastings
1930: Wynot School Band, Wynot
1930: Beatrice High School Band, Beatrice
1930: Linger Sioux Indian Band, Niobrara
1930's: Lincoln Girls Band, Lincoln
1930's: Loup Valley Band, Ord, Arcadia, Scotia, North Loup Bands.
1931: Bassett Municipal Band, Bassett
1931: Morse Bluff Band, PMorse Bluff
1932: Burwell School Band, Burwell
1932: Palisade School Band, Palisade
1932: Pender School Band, Pender
1933: 110th Medical Regimental Band, Lincoln
1934: Cedar Rapids School Band, Cedar Rapids
1935: Columbus High School Band, Columbus
1935: Sarpy County 4-H Band, Sarpy County
1935: Wymore High School Band
1936: Douglas County 4-H Band, Omaha
1937: Fairbury High School Band, Fairbury
1937: Kearney Municipal Band, Kearney
1938: Fairmont High School Band, Fairmont
1938: Spencer High School Band, Spencer
1938: Schuett’s One-Man Band, Cairo
1928: Wilber High School Band, Wilber
1935: Wisner High School Band, Wisner
1939: Crete Public School Band
Pre World War II: 134th Infantry Band, York
1939: O’Neill School Band, O’Neil
1939: Union Pacific Band, Omaha
1930's: Omaha Municipal University Band
1941: Sterling High School Band, Sterling
1942: Dana College Band, Blair
1942: Stamford Band, Stamford
1947: 43rd Army Band, Lincoln
1948: SAC Band, Offutt Air Force Base, Omaha
1948: Syracuse High School Band, Syracuse
1951: Maverick Band, Hastings
1951: Tehama Oriental Band, Hastings
1951: Shickley High School Band, Shickley
1953: Tangier Shrine Oriental Band, Fremont
1953: Ralston High School Band, Ralston
1954: Lincoln rd or Osceola
1954: Southeast High School, Lincoln
1959: Millard South High School Band, Millard
1959: Omaha Benson High School, Omaha
1959: Palmyra High School Band, Palmyra
1960's: Homer School Band, Homer
1964: Sesostris Temple Oriental Band, Norfolk
1965: Gretna High School Band, Gretna
1965: Maxwell High School Band, Maxwell
1967: Lincoln East High School, Lincoln
1968: University of Nebraska Band at Omaha
1968: Logan View High School, Hooper
1969: Oakland/Craig High School Band, Oakland
1969: Tekemah/Herman High School Band, Tekemah
1971 : Fort Calhoun Pioneer Band, Fort Calhoun
1971: Papillion/LaVista High School Band, Papillion
1971: West Point Central Catholic Band, West Point
1977: Bellevue West High School Band, Bellevue
1978: Millard North High School Band, Millard
1991: Eustis/Farnam co-op Band program, Eustis
1995: Millard West High School Band, Millard
2003: Papillion/LaVista South High School Band

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